Sunday, December 14, 2014

21 Months

I can't keep track of all the words and phrases anymore. I'll just say Mira's VERY chatty for her age.

A few cute ways Mira says different words and phrases:

"Chistmast" - Christmas.
"Deckiations" - Decorations
"I said no!" - when she really doesn't want to do something
"Come on!" her pulling our arm when she wakes up in the morning (which lately, we've been co-sleeping, so we are immediately woken up) and wants to go out into the living room to play. 
"I did it!" - whenever she accomplishes literally anything
"Bless you!" - when someone sneezes
"Thank you!" - when someone says 'bless you' to her 
"I lub you" - My favorite

She's working on: colors (still sometimes forgets some and gets pink/red and brown/black mixed up), numbers (she's going through a phase where she likes to count everything, and by that I mean she says "four, seven, eight!"), and introducing more and more animals and the sounds they make (like dragons, goldfish, crows). 

Mira's never had the flu (knock on wood), but she gets ear infections all the time. Everytime she gets a runny nose, an ear infection pretty much comes along with it. So that makes about 8 infections since she started daycare at 9 months. Which is kind of a lot. We've tried chiropractic work and natural remedies, but it seems like the ear infections are just inevitable. So after seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, it was suggested that she gets tubes. Ugh, I wanted to avoid that. I'm scared of the idea that my one year old would be put under anesthesia. But, I think the risk of hearing loss is more concerning at this point so we went forward with scheduling the surgery. She has her pre-op appointment tomorrow morning and the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. Adam's taking off work so we can both be with her that day. It sounds like it's a very common surgery, so I'm not *too* worried!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas

Shirt from
wall clock
Kate Spade watch in white,
 milk frothier for making lattes and cappuccinos
gift cards to Sephora and Barnes and Noble for my nook
winter boots similar here
ribbed knit infinity scarf
Viva la Juicy Noir perfume
and this gorgeous painted travel mug from Starbucks. 
Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Things I'm Thankful For

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for a place to call home that has warm beds and food on the shelves and the good health of myself and all my loved ones. Sometimes I get caught up in the "I wish I had" or "If I had this I would be happier" but reminding myself of said things above keeps me grounded.

Zooming into my life a little more, there are countless other things I am thankful for, and wanted to reflect on them.

1. Having the means to educate myself. This year more than ever I have taken the wheel on this and hand picked exactly what I wanted to educate myself in, whether it was through reading books, researching on the internet, or attending conferences.

2. Being able to creatively express myself. I am free to write, design, play music, dance, craft, and bake.

3. Youth. I have all the energy and optimism in the world and a big life ahead of me.

4. I am strong minded. Strong willed. Gutsy. Bold. Spirited. Confident. Dauntless. I am in control of myself and no one can take that away.

5. I wake up in the morning without having to worry for my safety.

6. Being able to be home with Mira

7. Humor, laughter, jokes. One of life's best medicine.

8. The availability of whole food and vitamins. Also, dessert. All the things that make my body happy.

9. Access. To healthcare, to clean water, to internet, to clean clothes.

10. The fact that there are people out there that love me. At the end of the day, this is really all that matters.
Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mira's xmas list

Mira's Christmas List Ideas
Mira's xmas list
Click on the set for details

Mira loves playing with arts and crafts the very most. As far as animals/pals, she loves anything elmo, elephants, or dinosaurs. She has started to display interest in numbers,  letters, and colors, and we would love to practice with her. She is also taking a liking to cars, trains, trucks, etc. 
Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mira Lately

Got our family pictures back, but not revealing too many because we're using one as Christmas cards. 

Today: putting a new rug down while Mira "helps" me by standing on it the whole time and dumping out snacks. 

Working On: Potty training. We don't sit her on the potty everyday, but day care does. I would say about every other time I sit her on her potty at home she will successfully pee in it. She doesn't seem to notice or care, though. No matter how much her "singing potty" and I cheer.
Accomplished: After meals she loves to wash her own hands. She'll take her little chair from her table and carry it to Adam's/the guest bathroom and we turn the water on and squirt the soap into her hands. She takes it from there, including drying her own hands off. So adorable to see such a little person so able. I foresee a stool purchase in the near future for us.
Loves: Whenever she is surrounded by Adam and I. Evenings are when we usually pop in a movie (which means either Tangled or Frozen) and if Adam is sitting down on the couch next to her she will yell "mommy! sit down!" while patting the open spot on the couch next to her and visa versa for when I am the first one sitting next to her. Once we are both sitting on either side of her she just looks at us back and forth with a huge grin on her face and then points at each of us saying "mommy, daddy" and giggles. In the mornings when she wakes up if I go get her out of the crib the first thing she says is "where's daddy?" and visa versa for when Adam goes to get her.
Sings: ABC's, Twinkle twinkle, and Old McDonald, can also count 1-10 (usually out of order).

Random photos from last week:

Happy Saturday!
Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 Months!

Just when I thought I was too obsessed with Mira, I go and get more obsessed with her. I know Adam feels this way too. 

She is left handed [so far]. And it could be coincidence, but she seems to be very interested in the arts. At ECFE, where I get to watch her play and interact with the other kids in a dream room full of all the toys and activities you could imagine, she chooses to spend her time at the drawing table, the marker area, the chalkboard, and the craft table. This also may be because she is a little younger than the 3 and 4 year old girls who choose to play in the dress up and kitchen area. Regardless, I am so proud of her, because she's not falling for the domesticated toddler toys. 

Clothes size: 18 months, 18-24 months, and some 2T. 
Diaper size: We're into 4's now
Teeth: 14
Height: TBD
Weight: 24 pounds
Hair: Dirty blonde/light brown
Eyes: Slate

Phrases Mira loves to say:
"Stop it!" This is by far the most common. She even told her tummy to "stop it" a couple times the other night when she had bad gas. 
"More nacks [snacks]!"
Wraps her arm around my neck, pulls me in close to her while saying "Come here".
"I got it"
"I tired" I do love how she lets us know this.

Mira's favorites:
Animal: Elephant. When an elephant shows up on tv, I don't know how else to say it but Mira freaks out. I tried to record it one time but missed the window of opportunity and only captured the second stage of elephant freakout: the mouth open blank stare. I will capture it soon, I will!
Food: Mac & cheese, blueberry muffins, and spicy food. I've always made her a separate meal whenever Adam and I have something spicy, but I have found that she likes this stuff too! And asks for seconds and thirds. Getting her to eat straight up veggies is impossible. I need to sneak it in her food like a ninja; in smoothies, ravioli, or finely chopped in pasta sauces or soups. 
Song: She loves to sing, mostly songs I think she made up. She loves to sing ABC's and twinkle twinkle with us. She also loves when I do patty cake with her. 
Activities: She loves "drawing", taking valuables from us and hiding them around the house so we can't find them, anything physical; chase, hide and seek, climb mommy like a jungle gym, and dancing. Man does she love dancing, it's adorable. She will grab both my hands and try to drag me to the dance area in our house and say "dance!". 
Screen time: She has been watching Sesame Street lately and loves Elmo. Almost as much as elephants. She still really likes Mickey Mouse. And Adam introduced her to Frozen and Tangled. "Frosen, Ana" we hear. On any given Saturday at home she will have watched either of these back to back 2 or 3 times. 
Bedtime: Finally getting to be a breeze. She actually lets us brush her teeth and she goes down like an angel about every night now. She sweetly sends us off by saying "bye!" and we hear her cheerfully chat a little bit before she actually falls asleep. She wakes up one time a night to nurse, on a really good night she sleeps through the night. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

You Have a Toddler When...

All your clothes in your dirty laundry have snot spots on the shoulders.

Everything you own is on your floor.

You have either baby wipes, a snack, or a sippy cup in your purse at all times.

You're now a pro at spelling all the names of different snacks out.

You can't have living room decor.

You count rubbing crayon off the wall with a magic eraser as your daily arm workout.

You never completely put the vacuum away because you're constantly vacuuming up food.

Carpet is your enemy.

There are food crumbs in every single room of your house.

You consider getting a "mom haircut" because your hair keeps getting pulled out (by both you and your toddler).

You find yourself having a conversation about your kid's shit for 5 minutes with your significant other.

You have yelled a phrase like, "No, you may not use chalk as lipstick".

You justify skipping the gym because your probably burned more calories chasing after your child than you would 1 hour at the gym.

You sit on the toilet for close to 10 minutes, not because you have to go to the bathroom, but because you get peace.

You can't remember the last time you said the word "bathroom", rather than "the potty".

Monday, October 20, 2014

ECFE's 40th birthday!

ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) has officially turned 40 years old. Governor Mark Dayton pronounced October 20-25 as ECFE week so all ECFE groups across Minnesota are encouraged to host "birthday parties" during this time or at least by the end of October. 

My mom's in the pink; front and center

I have been lucky enough to be apart of ECFE as a child, when my mom brought us there 20-25 years ago back in Crookston. She built lifelong friendships with several of the moms who still go out for lunch every week. They even threw one of my baby showers! I am now back to attending ECFE, but now as a mom, and it is an even better experience on this side of the fence. Classes are facilitated by an early childhood teacher, and I get to watch my child interact with other kids while bonding with other moms, sharing stories and offering tips to each other. 

Duluth simply has a great ECFE program! The location we go to has a beautiful "ECFE wing" and the school is currently fundraising to build a fence and a playground specifically for ECFE. 

I encourage anyone who has ECFE available in their area to make it work with their schedule so they can attend. Both Mira and I love it! (Adam has gone too ;)) 
Sunday, October 5, 2014

19 months

Toddlers at this stage soak up SO much information. Everyday Mira is learning new words, phrases, and new ways to "help" us. She's started saying phrases with 2 or more words together now.

We have also started giving Mira TV time. My goal was to wait until age 2, but the couple times I let her watch it while I wasn't feeling well really helped my sanity. Then I realized, how bad can a 1-2 hours a day be? The shows she watches so far are Mickey's Playhouse, Barney, and Clifford.

New words Mira says on her own, without being prompted, associating with the actual things:
"bike", "seekle" (motorcycle), "Miwa" (Mira), "house" (dollhouse), "gone", "phone", "home"(when we arrive home), "again!", "down", "up?" (when she wants me to pick her up), "bus", "cart" (shopping cart), "My spot" (claiming a place on the couch), "no way", "opeen" (open), "potty" (letting us know when she *thinks* she has to go potty), "Mouse?" (when she wants to watch mickey mouse), "dacket" (jacket), "foak" (fork), "spoon", "baby Anna" (her little doll that SHE named), "owie" or "ow" (when someone or something barely touches her), "muppin" (muffin), "Ready, go!", "windy", "help", "peet" (feet), all her friend's names at nursery school ("Brice", "Cocoa", "Harper", "Saiah" (Isaiah), "Ebie" (Evie), and "Sydney" just to name a few. Her best friend is Cocoa and she talks about her at home all the time. She used to talk about Sydney a lot until Sydney moved into the 3 year old room.

These definitely aren't all of words she knows. It's hard to keep track! 

Mira can:
• count to 3, and recognizes when she has 1, 2, or 3 of something. She always asks for two cookies/crackers when we try to give her one.
• say part of the ABC's
• follow basic directions (Adam utilizes this to the fullest when he needs her to bring him something he doesn't feel like getting)

Random anecdote:
Mira pooped in the tub last night and once Adam and I said something to each other about it she looked down and was just taken aback and got panicky. She then started crying and I thought it was because she was grossed out and just wanted to get out. Once I started getting her diaper and pajamas on she kept repeating "poopy tub" with a heartbroken look on her face. She kept saying it over and over and it made me realize she wasn't just grossed out or upset that the tub had poop in it, she was embarrassed that she did it. This was the first time my one year old felt shame about something that she did and it broke my heart. Adam promptly cleaned it up and said we have to go show her that it's clean. So I went over and told her "see? no more poopy. all better" and I think that helped. What a sweetheart she is though. I love her to pieces :)

Those who came for pics, here's a photo dump of the last month:
My child likes salsa, yes we know this is weird. But cool :)
One of the unique ways Mira tries to help. Not sure of the goal here,
but she brought me all my bras while I was going to the bathroom. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

18 Months!

18 Months!
Mira at her 18 month well-visit doing what she does best. What I didn't capture was her putting all the books away. She is finally getting it. 

18 months is another huge milestone. We no longer sound like crazy obsessed parents when telling people her age ("she just turned 17 months"). She is 18 months, AKA a year and a half! Adam said "she's almost two!" the other day and I stopped him right in his tracks and told him to knock that off right now. 6 months away is not "almost", no way. Especially when it's our little baby. 

Mira at 18 months is SO much fun and SO full of energy. I think to myself how I could never have two this age on a daily basis, actually. We are constantly laughing, and I mean belly laughing at her and with her. Our hearts are constantly melting at how cute she is the same time. Like picking her up from daycare or walking in the front door and having her run full speed at us and hug us tightly. It's the little things. Of course, it is that time of year and Mira has a head cold. Hoping it's not the ugly one that's hospitalizing littles all over the midwest :( 

Height: 32 inches
Weight: 22 pounds 8 ounces (50th percentile)
Clothes size: 18 months (the 18 month shirts are getting too small because of her bigger sized belly), 18-24 months, 24 months, and getting into 2T (Crazy! TEAR :'( )
Diaper size: Still 3's but 4's also fit.
Teeth: 12, at least. It's hard for me to see anymore. She is a little stinker when it comes to letting us brush her teeth. One of us has to hold her and her hands while the other brushes them, all while she is freaking out the whole time.
Sleep: She is getting up 2-3 times per night to nurse. And now that she has a head cold she's getting up more like 3-4 times with a stuffy nose and slight fever. I honestly don't think I will ever get a good night's sleep again.
Eating: She's getting pickier. For some reason she has decided she doesn't like chicken or turkey anymore, which were the only meats she used to eat. She doesn't seem to care for blueberries anymore, and raspberries aren't the top of her list either. Grapes are a new favorite. Pasta is always a safe choice. Avocado is still up there. I keep trying to introduce new foods but she would rather decorate the floor with them. Still nurses nights and weekends. Still loves crackers and any other snackie type thing.

Terrible picture, but I wanted to try and capture how she begs for food (like a puppy, lol). Keep in mind she ate a full meal right before this. Reason #1 why we try to eat at the same time with her. 

New common words/phrases:

• Mira says "toot" when she farts or poops her diaper. She also says it when someone else farts audibly. When I go to the bathroom, I tell Mira I'm gonna go "toot" to imply that I need privacy. Well, I guess Mira doesn't get the hint yet, because she runs right after me and yells "Boo!" as I sit down on the pot and then proceeds to bother me (trying to climb me, mostly) until I am done. I feel bad shutting the door on her when I'm home alone because she knocks on the door, whines, reaches her little fingers underneath the crack of the door, etc. just itching to get in.

• "duck" or "guck" - stuck
• "watt" - watch
• "funny"
• "truck"
• "moke" - milk
• "hummy?" - when she wants to nurse. not really sure where this word came from. Adam thinks it might mean hungry?
• "dupp" - jump (it is too cute when she jumps!!)
• "piddy" - pretty. she has now become obsessed with calling things pretty, which is my favorite! it is mostly just decor or sparkly things, I have to work with her on calling ME pretty ;)
• "bicky" - blankie. she is so much fun to put to bed fifty percent of the time. the other half she just plain doesn't want to and throws a two minute fit. but I love when she is all ready to go to sleep and hugs her little doll and cuddles with it. Then if her blankie is on the other side of the crib she will ask me, "bicky?" so I cover her up. (Overwhelmingly adorable, right?) To top it off she will usually say "nigh nigh mommy" or daddy, or some variation of both (she loves to say "mommydaddy" and "daddymommy" like we are one) But omg, be still my heart <3!! Too cute.

• Mira says ABC's.... as in she can say ABCD, lol. But you can tell she knows the song because she sings the right tune and just adds her own little jibber jabber.

Lastly, Mira loves to "help" now. My favorite is when she is done eating, she will take her plate and actually put it in the dishwasher in the correct spot for the plates. She then pushes the dishwasher drawer in and shuts the door. She also loves to help me put clean dishes away by handing me the bigger things and then actually throwing the silverware in the silverware drawer. We love our little helper.

Happy 18 months sweet girl!
Friday, August 29, 2014

Mira Lately

First things first; Mira went pee in her potty. I feel weird saying that phrase because it is SO cliche of parents of toddlers. You hear it all the time and think to yourself, I'm not gonna be that parent that says things stupid sounding things like that. Buuuut you do. Haha. Anyways, I think I clapped and cheered for 3 minutes straight (on top of the little song that the potty chair plays when it senses liquid). SO proud of her! :)

W o r d s & Phrases she says (without being asked)
"Oh no!"
"sowwy!" sorry (which she now says to inanimate objects and it's obviously hilarious. She bumps into her tower fan? She will turn around and say "sorry" while stroking it.)
"Shoey" for shoe
"Bye Gramma" - mom taught this to her over our Oregon trip but she just says it to everyone now...
"Buppa" for grandpa
"yeah?!" - her response whenever you ask her a question
"bick" - book (we now have to "check one out" at daycare every day now. not sure if we are supposed to, but there's a book shelf in the entry way with tons of used books and she just started deciding to take one home everyday.
"Toot" you guessed it, when she or anyone else farts we hear it ;)
"Walk?" When she wants to walk 
"I okay?" - after she falls down and if she hurts herself she will come over and hug me

The list of things she can repeat upon request is much longer and practically endless. One that made me laugh the other day was "Nice". Adam made a witty joke and I said "NICE", so then Mira said "NICE!"about 5 times. And grinning of course. So funny to hear from a toddler in that context.

- She has been able to point to her ears, belly button, and toes for a while, but now she can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair when you ask her.

- Starting to sit at her table for meals instead of her highchair

- She likes "coloring" (scribbling) in her coloring books and putting stickers on pages

- Kisses Adam and I on the lips while going "muah!"

- Signs 'please' and 'thank you' when she wants certain things like snacks.

- Gives us a hug when we ask her to

- For a while, she has known "nice hands" or "gentle touch" and so when she's getting a little too rough with someone, we have had to remind her. Now she is starting to know better and do it without being asked. I sometimes wonder how she would react to holding a newborn baby?

We are off to the lake cabin for our last "hoorah" of the summer. Hopefully there's good weather! Mira's 18 month well-visit is a little over a week away, so you'll be hearing from me again soon!

Someone got underestimated and the mascara tube open. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trip to Oregon/Traveling with a Toddler

Well, we did it. We actually took a plane with Mira and it wasn't so bad. It was our cousin, Jennie's wedding, so Mira got to meet lots of relatives on my dad's side for the first time. Being around relatives who want to talk and play with her constantly definitely help expand her little vocabulary. I honestly lost track of all the new words she has acquired, but so far I have:
"hat" (she started saying this a week before we flew)
"mommy" perfectly clear
"puppy" perfectly clear
"nice puppy"
"up above the world so high"
"dance" (she was SO cute at the wedding dance. she kept saying "dance" and was a dancing machine! sooo adorable. she was dancing with everyone and just crazy :))
"baby" perfectly clear (she even calls kids older than her a baby which evidently causes some insecurity in girls around age 4ish, haha)
"pop" for 'pouch' (her puree pouches)
"wa wa" for water

oh and she's perfected a few more animal sounds. she knows what the "horsey" ("Neeeigh!"), cow ("mooo"), sheep ("BA!"), and kitty ("mow") all say in addition to the puppy, in which she has become obsessed with. every where we go she is asking if there's a puppy. adam says we need to get one now....

Mira had so much fun and definitely utilized the word "weeeee!" at every chance she got. I think it really took the edge off of things with other people on the plane when she said it. Some people get really irritated of toddlers, and I can definitely understand. She did really well though. She still had to move a lot, so we just passed her around the whole time, but she didn't fuss or anything until the very end of the plane rides. I don't think she noticed her ears popping or anything, she just got antsy.

We went to the Portland zoo, Grooms' dinner, Wedding at David Hill Winery, went to the Tillamook cheese factory, the beach, went out for seafood at a restaurant on the shore and tried oysters (not Mira!), went off the trail and drove up a mountain at night and looked over the Garibaldi coastal area, went to uptown Oregon and got ice cream at Salt & Straw (has been featured on the food network and received tons of other press).

Things I learned when traveling, especially by plane, with a toddler:
- stock up on healthy snacks. that way you don't find yourself forking out money for overpriced unhealthy snacks in the airport. √
- bring along the noise maker. we failed to do this and paid for it when Mira wouldn't fall asleep in the hotel room because she kept seeing and hear us get ready for bed.
- bring plastic refillable water bottles of your own. i brought mira 2 sippy cups and a plastic mason jar with a straw for myself. best thing ever when you find yourself dying of thirst after walking all the way to the terminal and no convenience store nearby. √
- bring sunscreen. i still have BabyGanics sunscreens leftover from last summer that come in tiny little 1 oz containers. if your vacation isn't a tropical one, you tend to not think you will need to worry about skin protection, but you end up spending just as much time outside. √
- save room in your luggage and only pack enough diapers in your carry on to last you until you arrive at your destination. √
- basically you have to sacrifice your carryon to be a "fun bag" for toddler things like books, snacks, crayons, a change of outfit, stickers, and any other random things. √
- bring a baby carrier! we used the ergobaby quite a bit. i used it for the flights on the way there because we had an hour layover and she just relaxes so nicely when i'm wearing her. √
- bring a carseat. carseats, strollers, and other baby gear all get to be checked as baggage for free, so don't pay for any of that stuff! i was worried that the carseat would get damaged so we brought Mira's infant one that has a weight capacity of 35 pounds. it was a little snug, but it still works. √
- there was lots of driving. next time i will load up on fruit/veggie pouches right away when we arrive. this trip i ended up just buying 2 here, 2 there, when she was already whining and hungry. i'd much rather just have a pouch ready in my purse than deal with scavenging for a market every day.

I would do it again! :) I definitely wouldn't plan on relaxing, but I knew that coming in ;)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mira during the 16th month

Mira's vocabulary and communication skills are flourishing :)

Words she started using the past week or two:
"nigh-nigh" - when she's ready for bed. She'll either lay on the ground or reach for me to pick her up and rest her head on my shoulder and say it.
"Okay" - clearer than before
"MINE" - she learned this from daycare, apparently it's all the toddlers' favorite word
"bubble" - perfectly clear
"Tay Tay"
"apple"- for pineapple
"daddy" - even cuter than the original "dada"
"mom" and "mama" - clearer than before, which makes me happy :)

Anytime I ask Mira to say something she ALWAYS tries, I've gotta give her credit. "can you say turkey?" "can you say thank you?" and she always just mumbles the syllables but she looks at me like she's really saying it and is so proud :)

I died of cuteness/hilariousness the other night when Mira was asking Adam to go [out]"side" right before bed when she was in her pajamas. "Side?" "no, Mira" "side?" "no, sweetie" "side?" "no" this went on for about 15-20 times of her asking "side?" So relentless. So adorable.

This captures it all: 1. Mira is a climber, I literally don't know how to babyproof for this. 2. Our house has toys scattered everywhere on the daily and 3. Yes, that's crackers with peanut butter on them because she looooves her snacks. 

Mira can:
blow her nose into a kleenex
drink out of a regular cup by herself
give high fives on command
hold up a number "1" finger when you ask her how old she is
when you ask her if she wants "breakfast, lunch, or supper" she runs over to her highchair and reaches up
goes over to her "snack" area when she wants a snack (which feels like all the time)
brings us a book and sits in our lap when she wants to read
give us the sign for food (versus before she gave us the sign for "more") when she wants to eat

Other than vocabulary and physicality, not much has changed since 15 months. She now has 11 teeth with 1 more just about coming through. She's still wearing the same clothing and diaper size, still eating the same foods and nursing nights and weekends. She actually slept through the night* TWO nights in a row over the weekend. Two nights in a row is a big deal for us, so maybe this will become a pattern. *sleeping through the night for us is from bedtime (7-8 pm) until morning (which for her is 6:15 am).

W e a n i n g I currently am trying to wean Mira off of nursing. I'd be lying if I said I know what I'm doing. I would just like her to not throw a tantrum for me, Adam, or whoever is babysitting her when she can't have her boob milk (whether I don't have time, I'm not there, or just because I fed her not that long before and tell her she just had some). For this reason I hate asking anyone to babysit besides family. Also, when she wakes up she is giving the ASL sign for either 'food', 'more', or 'milk', often times alternating between two of them (usually it's food and milk). So not only does she eat a big meal at dinner, we have had to start giving her a calorie or protein dense snack right before bed, and that's not even helping. She seems genuinely hungry when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes nursing her is enough, but sometimes she wants more, like actual food. So in that case I end up handing her string cheese or yogurt bites or something of that nature. So that's what our nights have become; me standing in our kitchen holding Mira at 2, 3, or 4 in the morning waiting for her to finish her snack.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

15 month favorites

Similar Beach Umbrella - $55
Princess potty - $17.99
Crayola jumbo crayons and glitter chalk

Still obsessed with the Ergobaby Carrier! Makes Target trips a whole lot easier!
That Princess potty also plays a little song when you little pees in it. There's some sort of liquid sensor. Mira had been playing with the button for a while and gets the biggest grin on her face when it plays.
As for crayons, we still struggle with using them for paper. Someone, ahem, tries to eat them.
And I think this is a great age for a baby doll. OMG is she ever cute with her doll. 

She hugs it and puts it on her shoulder and carries it around. Such motherly instincts.

Annnd a few pictures lately:

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