Thursday, October 25, 2012

23 Weeks

I am 23 weeks today and feeling great. So far I've gained about 14 pounds, and the difference from last week's belly and this week's is huge! Over the last couple days it really expanded in size. I am now officially showing in practically anything I'm wearing. I'm guessing strangers who don't know I'm pregnant might still suspect I have a beer belly/pot belly. There's also been lots of movement going on and I'm loving it! Adam still can't feel from the outside, though.

Last weekend the whole family, including the dog, was in town and stayed at our condo. It's always fun to have everyone over.

This weekend Adam and I are going to the cities for a "babymoon" getaway. We're going to hit up mall of america and possibly do some baby shopping, and we're staying in a hotel downtown so we'll end up going to a couple restaurants/clubs/bars down there. I told him we have to make it to the cheesecake factory!

So far sleep and energy are both going really great. I make it to the gym about once a week and try to take breaks from my desk and take a little walk around. Still no food cravings, but a number of things are really unappetizing to me. I'm definitely not one of those women who pig out during their pregnancy.

I'm liking the second trimester! Hope everything continues to go smoothly. And now the 23 week belly picture (definitely a difference between last week and this week!):

Thursday, October 18, 2012

22 Weeks

Today I am 22 weeks! Feeling LOTS of baby movement lately, it is exciting. Adam can't feel kicking from the outside though, so I presume that's soon to come.

So far I still don't really have any of the negative pregnancy side effects, and I feel lucky. Not even any cravings!

I love when my coworkers want to talk about all the pregnancy stuff at work, it's so fun and exciting. So far I have finished registering for the baby, scrapbook is in progress, and nursery will be started soon. I just want to buy everything all right now, but Adam keeps telling me I have to wait, because I might be getting a lot of the stuff I need at the baby shower. I have no patience though! If it was up to me the nursery would be almost done by now. I've definitely been looking at different ideas online, though. I have the crib picked out, and I think I have the bedding set picked out.

I feel like since everything in the pregnancy is going so smoothly that it sounds boring! I sleep well, I don't ache anywhere, my clothes mostly still fit, no swelling, heartburn, etc.

22 Weeks from front and then side:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

21 Weeks

I have been feeling movement the past week! It's very exciting! Also another big step is I finally told my coworkers and my old coworkers in the OTR! They were all ecstatic! It's really fun to tell people and get such positive reactions. They were very surprised because they all said they still never would've been able to tell. Trust me, I've put on the weight to prove it! About 12-13 pounds now! I've been eye shopping for the baby's nursey but haven't found anything perfect yet. So far I've been looking for curtains, rug, crib, and crib sheets. I am the pickiest person I know, so this will all be challenging.

My mom is telling all her friends and now they want to throw me a baby shower too, back home. I'm just getting so excited to buy things! But Adam keeps telling me I shouldn't jump the gun since I'll be getting gifts or I might find better things that come along. I haven't had to wear maternity clothes really yet, I wear dresses or baggy tops with leggings, jeggings, or tights. I wear baggier tops since I don't want strangers to think I gained weight from beer or something.

Still not much for cravings so far; I will want something with tomatoes on it (or tomato by itself) every once in a while, but otherwise I still eat the same amounts and crave the same old things. I am turned away by more foods though.

Things I am excited for to come: More kicking. Right now it's fun but it is more of a fluttering. I can't wait for Adam to be able to feel it! I'm also excited to start buying and receiving things, I haven't really got that much yet so it is going to be exciting to start getting things for her.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

20 Weeks - It's a GIRL!

Today, I am 20 weeks along! This marks the half-way point of the pregnancy. AND we found out the gender yesterday! It's a GIRL! The ultrasound was so exciting, we got to see all the limbs and some organs. The ultrasound tech says our baby is going to be an athlete because she would NOT stop moving around and changing positions and she has long legs. Adam says she gets that from me. The tech printed out pictures both in 2d and 3d, so more things to put in the scrapbook I'm working on. Once I found out it was a girl I could not stop smiling. Everything else checkout out to be normal, so it's all good! Adam was really excited too it was cute! He called a couple of his friends and I called a couple of mine, and of course our families. Kendall was so excited, she really wanted a girl. Adam's mom was in such disbelief that she almost sounded disappointed. She swore it was going to be a boy since pretty much all Adam's aunts and uncles have had ALL boys. I still haven't told anyone at work!! It's killing me! One of my coworkers has 2 daughters, so I would love to tell her, and same with all my old coworkers back at the other department; I know they would all be so excited for me! I might not be able to hold off for much longer.

I don't think I have felt any movement yet, but last night I thought I did. I am so excited for when I start to noticeably feel movement! I keep forgetting to call baby "she" or "her". It's something I gotta start getting used to. I want to start going shopping immediately! And work on her nursey. So many things come into play once the gender is revealed.

Well now I can go brag to everybody that my intuition was right, it is a girl! Adam and I already have a name picked out, but we're not telling anyone! We want it to be a surprise.

Last weekend Adam and I went to a pumpkin patch:

AND received our first baby gift (before we told everyone the gender):

And now I'll close with a belly picture (it doesn't really show through my shirt yet so bare belly until it does!):

I even still have my ultrasound bracelet on :)
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