Monday, October 20, 2014

ECFE's 40th birthday!

ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) has officially turned 40 years old. Governor Mark Dayton pronounced October 20-25 as ECFE week so all ECFE groups across Minnesota are encouraged to host "birthday parties" during this time or at least by the end of October. 

My mom's in the pink; front and center

I have been lucky enough to be apart of ECFE as a child, when my mom brought us there 20-25 years ago back in Crookston. She built lifelong friendships with several of the moms who still go out for lunch every week. They even threw one of my baby showers! I am now back to attending ECFE, but now as a mom, and it is an even better experience on this side of the fence. Classes are facilitated by an early childhood teacher, and I get to watch my child interact with other kids while bonding with other moms, sharing stories and offering tips to each other. 

Duluth simply has a great ECFE program! The location we go to has a beautiful "ECFE wing" and the school is currently fundraising to build a fence and a playground specifically for ECFE. 

I encourage anyone who has ECFE available in their area to make it work with their schedule so they can attend. Both Mira and I love it! (Adam has gone too ;)) 


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