Thursday, February 6, 2014

11 months

Mira pretty much is a toddler. I don't know when she is officially considered a toddler (probably depends on what you're talking about- at daycare you're an infant until 16 months), but she sure acts like one. One fun thing that she does is she shares things now. She likes to hand us toys, objects, and my favorite; a half eaten soggy cracker. How sweet of her!

She is walking, actually running everywhere. We play hide and seek/tag together and it is adorable. She let's me chase her for so far and then gives in and turns around to hug me. Then I fake run while she chases me around and just giggles hysterically. It's the best. Her little baby walk just kills us, it's literally too adorable to handle. 

Height: TBD
Weight: 18 lbs, 2 oz - 31.53 percentile
Feeding: Still breastfed, but being back at work with only two 15 min breaks and one (hour) lunch break has made my supply suffer. Trying to squeeze in my normal 20 minute pump session into under 15 minutes is hard. I wish the milk would just go faster. Anyways, Mira has been eating lots of different foods now, and no purees either. Some of the popular foods she likes are noodles (either homemade organic mac and cheese or with tomato sauce), blueberries, yogurt melts, grilled cheese (which is still growing on her-she tosses half the pieces), string cheese, and bananas and avocado rolled in oatmeal cereal (for her to grip). We still make a bottle using organic formula at bedtime, too. It's nice to see her enjoying foods, because she seemed picky for a while, but I think it's just because she wants to feed herself. That's totally fine with me. I do still make a smoothie-type concoction in the reusable food pouches we have. I've made organic raspberries + spinach + greek yogurt, applesauce + plain organic yogurt + oatmeal cereal (for thickness), and one that she didn't like too much: chicken + organic quinoa + organic strawberries. 
Clothes size: 9 months mostly, and wearing lots of 12 months now. Still able to squeeze her in some 6 months stuff, but it's getting obviously too small.
Diaper size: 3
Development: Babbling lots, and lots of "mama" and "dada", she now waves "bye-bye", loves to carry things around (like her toy purse). She's growing out of her carseat, so it's time for an upgrade. I already know which one I like, I just have to get proactive and buy it (after Adam approves of course :)). 

After she ripped her 11 month sticker off and threw it on the ground

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