Sunday, November 15, 2015

Resetting and Realigning Myself

Sometimes I find myself slipping away from my goals and needing to reset. Or even worse, I don't have any active goals that I'm working towards. I sometimes just realize things are out of alignment and want to get them back on track.

There's things that get in the way and there's things I need to prioritize:

1. Health
I've been eating like crap lately. Between Halloween candy and the desire for convenience, I have not been focusing on proper nutrition. Instead of warming up leftover chicken and rice, I have been reaching for the chip bag. This isn't getting me any closer to my health nor my body goals. Time to start being more disciplined with tracking macros!

2. Attention
I started to realize I had my phone in hand way too often. I first changed my settings to remove all push notifications from my apps, but that just meant I went in and checked more often. So I decided to delete my facebook app. It was little use to me. I can still go on on my computer, but I'll obviously go on a lot less.

3. Time
Yeah, I'm still working on this. Between leaving work at 5:00 every day and daylight getting shorter, it made me feel like I had no time at the end of the day. I do now have different and more flexible hours, about 10 hours less per week, which will help. I still can't do anything about the short daylight hours, but I need to work on stalling less. No more putzing around with things that don't matter.

4. Activities
Enjoying fun things with our daughter. We went to the library, the children's museum, hiking, outside play, did puzzles, painted, etc. last week and that wasn't even close enough to keeping her entertained for the week. I need to start implementing more creative play and organized activities to keep her occupied. Cue me following all the kids activity blogs that I used to hate.

5. Follow through
Follow through with my lists. When I make a list of things I need to do or things I need to buy, I just need to do it. This kind of piggy backs off of time; I shouldn't stall.

6. More alone time
I did this today, and the other day and it felt great. I like to go on trail runs and it's the perfect time to collect my thoughts and recharge. It's amazing how great my mood is when I get this alone time. I'm so happy and giggly right now because I got an hour completely to myself outside of my home, away from people. That is all it takes!

What do you do to realign yourself? 
Do you take breaks from social media? Do you meditate? Take a trip?
Monday, November 9, 2015

Why I Quit All of My Mommy Facebook Groups

There are groups for things like breastfeeding support, natural/holistic parenting, babywearing, and several other generic groups where you can go to vent about all things parenting. They're mostly private or closed groups, so no one else can see them but the members of the group.

At first I thought I had struck a gold mine when I joined. I can now connect with people who have similar goals, values, and mindsets as my own. I can ask questions that I am too afraid to ask my facebook friends or I can simply tell the groups things I know won't resonate with my other mom friends.

But soon I started to see a pattern. Whenever I had a concern or wanted to ask an opinion on a choice I was making, I wasn't just getting help. I was getting sanctimonious responses that made me feel bad. I noticed that instead of people answering questions, they wanted to include their two cents about others' lifestyles and choices. It was often hard to differentiate between those who meant well and those who didn't.

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