Thursday, November 29, 2012

Perks of the 2nd trimester

So these past few months have been really good. I kept thinking to myself, "why is this pregnancy going so well?!" I was, for the most part, comfortable and had zero stress about anything. I'm so thankful to be this content (good for baby too!). Here is a list of things I really enjoyed about the second trimester:

- Kicking!
- Luscious, healthy hair
- My nails are stronger and healthier than they've ever been
- Smooth, glowing skin that didn't even make me miss being tan
- Eating without judgement. Not only is it socially acceptable to eat every 2 hours, but it's enforced! I will miss that for sure!
- Women are overly nice to me. I can't remember being called adorable pre-pregnancy very much, but now I hear it all the time.
- Thanksgiving fell during second trimester. Combining thanksgiving and pregnancy is the ultimate combination. But, I actually had eyes bigger than my stomach and ended up throwing away 1/3 of my plate.
- Lastly; finally being able to "look" pregnant. I didn't start actually looking pregnant until 23 weeks (5 1/2 months) or so and it's actually a relief.

I hear that third trimester is where it starts to get uncomfortable, so let's hope it goes well!

Very tired eyes today

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 Weeks

Third trimester has now begun! I've noticed my energy is starting to deplete, so it's all really happening. Baby only has a couple months left! She is kicking more and more and stronger and stronger each week. This week Adam and I could see movement from the outside. My family came up for thanksgiving and everytime someone tried to feel the baby kick it's like she would completely stop. I swear she only kicks for Adam or I. But the weekend was fun! We had such a yummy menu and there's plenty of leftovers. We went to the Bulldogs' hockey game and I noticed the strongest movement during the game, it must have been the loud music or commotion. Maybe we have a future little hockey player on our hands? :)

As far as cravings go; I still don't exactly have any, but I do have a little more of a sweet tooth. I could probably live on sweets, actually. It's almost like my appetite for regular food has been replaced with an appetite for sweets. I've also had no signs of stretch marks (I should say new stretch marks-I already have some from my freshman 15 back in the day!). I've been lathering 3 different products on everyday: vaseline in the morning, oil at night, and a little Mederma creme twice daily. It seems to be doing the trick so far.

I did the glucose tolerance test on Tuesday and okay, it wasn't so bad! I thought it'd be terrible because a) I hate sugary drinks and b) I am a slow drinker, and you have to chug the thing in under 5 minutes. I do have to say I did not chug it in under 5 minutes or even finish it completely, whoops. It was just too much to drink at once. Now I have to go back on Friday for a 3 hour appointment filled with more tests since my results from the first time were too close to call :(. I thought I'd pass with flying colors since I'm healthy, so hopefully everything goes well on Friday. Maybe it has to do with me not following directions the first time :/.
Now I'll sure just a couple pictures of progress

Accent lamp for the nursery:

28 Week belly:
Edit: Just created an "18 weeks vs. 28 weeks" picture:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

27 Weeks

Okay, the acid reflux is getting annoying! It's not painful, but it's a discomfort that I've been having everyday now. I'm definitely getting used to having tum flavored breath. Otherwise, everything is still going great. Adam's parents came up last weekend and got us a changing table with changing pad. It's a nice feeling everytime the nursery gets an addition; it's starting to feel more and more complete.

Also, I had my monthly doc appt yesterday and I've gained 20 pounds already! Whoops. I can't be mad since I'm doing everything I can to be healthy (except for the times I go to a restaurant just for dessert ;)). The doc said size-wise and weight-wise I'm right on track, though.  Next week I have my blood glucose test, hopefully I can force down that sugary drink, yuck.

Tomorrow's thanksgiving, and Adam and I will be having it at our house! Hope everyone has a good one!

27 week belly pic:

Friday, November 16, 2012
Came across this toy that this woman is trying to implement. I SO want to buy this for our daughter.
Thursday, November 15, 2012

26 Weeks

Okay I miss sleeping on my back!!

But it was another good week. I went out to a bar on Friday night with Adam to meet up with his old roommate and some friends. I was drinking water when someone asked me what I was drinking and wondered why I didn't have any alcohol in it. I just love telling people I'm pregnant, actually. Not only am I excited to be pregnant but I love seeing the looks on people's faces when I tell that that I'm actually six months along. I was so nervous to be in a bar, though. It was pretty low key, but I was still paranoid that someone was going to bump in to me or accidentally spill alcohol in my water or something.

Adam finally felt the babe kick. She kicks a lot, some nights more than others. It's still so surreal to me. I think I might even miss being pregnant. But the downside is I've started to experience what everyone else has seemed to experience; heartburn. I don't really have it during the day when I'm sitting upright or standing, but I can pretty much guarantee if I eat anything remotely acidic within an hour or two of going to bed I'm going to need to take a couple tums. I've actually had heartburn multiple times before I was pregnant, and what I've been having now that I'm pregnant is more of acid reflux. It's less painful than heartburn, and just more of a discomfort. It's gotten progressively worse the last couple days. I found myself taking about 4 or 5 tums yesterday, ugh.

Still sleeping great, though. Belly button is still an innie, and still no significant food cravings. It's hard to tell, though, since I've always had a sweet tooth. I definitely have shifted gears a little bit; I've noticed I am a little more turned away by any type of meat and a little more focused on carbs, especially sweet sugary carbs. It makes me miss being able to really workout at the gym. I still go about twice a week, but I just get too short of breath/cramped if I'm on the treadmill or elliptical longer than a half hour. Adam still prompts me to do my pregnancy exercises, which is good. Yesterday I kept getting pains on my right side to I took it really easy.

I just started to think last night how, luckily for Adam, I haven't really been moody lately. Turns out I'm not the pregnantzilla I thought I might be. Thankfully I don't have any stress in my life so I don't really have anything to get irrationally moody about.

This is the week that I've started to feel really huge. It's harder to put on shoes and socks and all my regular clothes have no chance of fitting right now. I even had to borrow one of Adam's shirts to wear to the gym. I don't want to buy much more maternity clothes, though. I still feel like I have a lot. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'll work hard this spring to get back into shape.

We are having Thanksgiving at our place this year! I just did some menu planning with my mom, it should be a really fun new experience. We also talked about going black friday shopping (I've never been!) but Adam is worried people are gonna bump into my belly and hurt me since they get so crazy. But nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the go-ahead to start doing christmas-y stuff! Can't wait!

26 week belly:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

25 Weeks

So, I have a story. Adam and I went out to Olive Garden on Saturday night. After seeing someone in the bar area with a bloody mary, I decided I wanted to order a virgin one since I missed them so much. I cared mostly about having all the extra fixings that come with one (pickle, meat, cheese, etc.). So after denying the wine sample and telling the waiter I can't have alcohol, I ordered a VIRGIN bloody mary, it made me chuckle. So moments later she brings our drinks over (Adam just ordered soda) and I start playing with all the bloody mary fixings and eating the pickle, etc. I take a sip and was hesitant to do so because it just makes me nervous to drink something that normally has alcohol. I made sure to pay attention to the taste and after taste to make sure there was no alcohol, just to be safe. I didn't taste any. So I take a second sip, still tasted like tomato juice. I was about to take a third drink and the waiter quickly comes over and says "oh my god I don't think this is a virgin". What?! You mean you don't think it is or it actually isn't? Then she recovered her statement by saying no, it's for sure not a virgin, she accidentally got me an alcoholic drink. What! "Are you allergic? Are you going to be sick?" I said no, I'm pregnant..... She frantically apologized and said she'll get her manager. Ok, I just got served alcohol. Now I started to panic. Even though it was two sips I still got emotional. I didn't want to make a scene but I started to feel tears come down my face. Adam reassured me everything will be fine; that I only had two sips and that the drink was weak, etc. I knew it was fine but it was an occurrence that was out of my control, and that makes me emotional. The waiter's manager comes over and apologizes, says they feel terrible and double checked how much I drank out of it. He brings by water and bread to make sure I get something in my system to soak it up, and let's us know they're taking care of our meal. That's great, but I'm still upset. He tells me they're bringing by a new bloody mary without alcohol, and I tell him I'll just take a water this time, not so much in the mood for one anymore. So we got a new waiter after that, our old waiter was M.I.A. the rest of the night. I'm sure she had a meltdown. She admitted it was her screw up so she probably didn't want to show her face after that. Adam says I handled it well and was civil about it and he was proud. So we got appetizers, meals, and desserts out of it and then the restaurant manager (or owner?) comes by and also apologizes and gives us a $75 giftcard for their condolences. So at least this error didn't go unnoticed.

Now that this has passed, I'm no longer freaking out. I realize that some people even drink wine to induce labor, and that the small amount I had most likely was absorbed before it could have affect on my body or the baby. It's still disconcerting, though, that a mistake like that can happen to people. Luckily the waiter caught it when she did.

So on a lighter note, Adam has been doing pregnancy-friendly exercises with me. He says it will help me with labor and the pushing will be a lot easier. The exercises he gave me are mostly lower body, which is something I never really worked on before since I've been a runner and never felt the need to. I still do light cardio (elliptical or speed walking) a couple times a week, as well as free weights for my arms. It feels good to still be able to go to the gym. Having a personal trainer boyfriend is a nice perk I must say, and my booty is better now than it has ever been!

I bought a few pregnancy tops and wore my first one this week. It was also the first time someone (my old professor) pointed out that I was pregnant before I got around to telling them. So the pregnancy tops definitely accentuate the belly bump, but in a good way.

So far still no negative side effects; have a good amount of energy (I don't even need coffee!!), and still lots of baby movement. I think I felt hiccups, too (the doctor told me I would start to around this time). I'm getting really excited for Christmas (and thanksgiving), does pregnancy make you 10 times more excited for holidays or is it just me?!

I found out last week that with my maternity leave and disability leave combined I can take up to 27 weeks off! Well, I have to get approved that I actually need that much time off. I would have to use up my sick leave and vacation leave first. I plan on taking about 2-3 months total though.

Also, on Tuesday baby girl voted in her first presidential election :).

Things coming up: Adam and I are going to go to childbirth classes the first week of December. Definitely looking forward to learning about labor and delivery.

25 week belly pic:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Partying vs. Pregnancy

Thought this was funny :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

24 weeks

I can't believe at 16 and a half weeks I actually thought I had a belly! How quickly it grows! It amazes me. This week there has been lots and lots more kicking, I always have to stop what I'm doing and feel!

I've started to work on the nursery. I bought a rose colored sheep skin rug and some drapes. We have been working on finding a daycare here and there, but no such luck. If anyone knows of a good one with an infant opening let me know! I suspect we won't need it full time since Adam and I work different hours, somedays we literally have opposite schedules.

I'm all registered for baby at Target. That was actually really fun! I've been looking at a lot of nursery inspiration photos. My favorites look like:

I love floral patterns and want to do a pale rose colored pink theme with some green accents.

I love this elegant look. I am steering clear of geometric shapes and stripes, etc. I think it looks corny.

Perfect combination of pink and floral that I like :)

24 week belly :)

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