Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Things I'm Thankful For

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for a place to call home that has warm beds and food on the shelves and the good health of myself and all my loved ones. Sometimes I get caught up in the "I wish I had" or "If I had this I would be happier" but reminding myself of said things above keeps me grounded.

Zooming into my life a little more, there are countless other things I am thankful for, and wanted to reflect on them.

1. Having the means to educate myself. This year more than ever I have taken the wheel on this and hand picked exactly what I wanted to educate myself in, whether it was through reading books, researching on the internet, or attending conferences.

2. Being able to creatively express myself. I am free to write, design, play music, dance, craft, and bake.

3. Youth. I have all the energy and optimism in the world and a big life ahead of me.

4. I am strong minded. Strong willed. Gutsy. Bold. Spirited. Confident. Dauntless. I am in control of myself and no one can take that away.

5. I wake up in the morning without having to worry for my safety.

6. Being able to be home with Mira

7. Humor, laughter, jokes. One of life's best medicine.

8. The availability of whole food and vitamins. Also, dessert. All the things that make my body happy.

9. Access. To healthcare, to clean water, to internet, to clean clothes.

10. The fact that there are people out there that love me. At the end of the day, this is really all that matters.
Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mira's xmas list

Mira's Christmas List Ideas
Mira's xmas list
Click on the set for details

Mira loves playing with arts and crafts the very most. As far as animals/pals, she loves anything elmo, elephants, or dinosaurs. She has started to display interest in numbers,  letters, and colors, and we would love to practice with her. She is also taking a liking to cars, trains, trucks, etc. 
Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mira Lately

Got our family pictures back, but not revealing too many because we're using one as Christmas cards. 

Today: putting a new rug down while Mira "helps" me by standing on it the whole time and dumping out snacks. 

Working On: Potty training. We don't sit her on the potty everyday, but day care does. I would say about every other time I sit her on her potty at home she will successfully pee in it. She doesn't seem to notice or care, though. No matter how much her "singing potty" and I cheer.
Accomplished: After meals she loves to wash her own hands. She'll take her little chair from her table and carry it to Adam's/the guest bathroom and we turn the water on and squirt the soap into her hands. She takes it from there, including drying her own hands off. So adorable to see such a little person so able. I foresee a stool purchase in the near future for us.
Loves: Whenever she is surrounded by Adam and I. Evenings are when we usually pop in a movie (which means either Tangled or Frozen) and if Adam is sitting down on the couch next to her she will yell "mommy! sit down!" while patting the open spot on the couch next to her and visa versa for when I am the first one sitting next to her. Once we are both sitting on either side of her she just looks at us back and forth with a huge grin on her face and then points at each of us saying "mommy, daddy" and giggles. In the mornings when she wakes up if I go get her out of the crib the first thing she says is "where's daddy?" and visa versa for when Adam goes to get her.
Sings: ABC's, Twinkle twinkle, and Old McDonald, can also count 1-10 (usually out of order).

Random photos from last week:

Happy Saturday!
Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 Months!

Just when I thought I was too obsessed with Mira, I go and get more obsessed with her. I know Adam feels this way too. 

She is left handed [so far]. And it could be coincidence, but she seems to be very interested in the arts. At ECFE, where I get to watch her play and interact with the other kids in a dream room full of all the toys and activities you could imagine, she chooses to spend her time at the drawing table, the marker area, the chalkboard, and the craft table. This also may be because she is a little younger than the 3 and 4 year old girls who choose to play in the dress up and kitchen area. Regardless, I am so proud of her, because she's not falling for the domesticated toddler toys. 

Clothes size: 18 months, 18-24 months, and some 2T. 
Diaper size: We're into 4's now
Teeth: 14
Height: TBD
Weight: 24 pounds
Hair: Dirty blonde/light brown
Eyes: Slate

Phrases Mira loves to say:
"Stop it!" This is by far the most common. She even told her tummy to "stop it" a couple times the other night when she had bad gas. 
"More nacks [snacks]!"
Wraps her arm around my neck, pulls me in close to her while saying "Come here".
"I got it"
"I tired" I do love how she lets us know this.

Mira's favorites:
Animal: Elephant. When an elephant shows up on tv, I don't know how else to say it but Mira freaks out. I tried to record it one time but missed the window of opportunity and only captured the second stage of elephant freakout: the mouth open blank stare. I will capture it soon, I will!
Food: Mac & cheese, blueberry muffins, and spicy food. I've always made her a separate meal whenever Adam and I have something spicy, but I have found that she likes this stuff too! And asks for seconds and thirds. Getting her to eat straight up veggies is impossible. I need to sneak it in her food like a ninja; in smoothies, ravioli, or finely chopped in pasta sauces or soups. 
Song: She loves to sing, mostly songs I think she made up. She loves to sing ABC's and twinkle twinkle with us. She also loves when I do patty cake with her. 
Activities: She loves "drawing", taking valuables from us and hiding them around the house so we can't find them, anything physical; chase, hide and seek, climb mommy like a jungle gym, and dancing. Man does she love dancing, it's adorable. She will grab both my hands and try to drag me to the dance area in our house and say "dance!". 
Screen time: She has been watching Sesame Street lately and loves Elmo. Almost as much as elephants. She still really likes Mickey Mouse. And Adam introduced her to Frozen and Tangled. "Frosen, Ana" we hear. On any given Saturday at home she will have watched either of these back to back 2 or 3 times. 
Bedtime: Finally getting to be a breeze. She actually lets us brush her teeth and she goes down like an angel about every night now. She sweetly sends us off by saying "bye!" and we hear her cheerfully chat a little bit before she actually falls asleep. She wakes up one time a night to nurse, on a really good night she sleeps through the night. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

You Have a Toddler When...

All your clothes in your dirty laundry have snot spots on the shoulders.

Everything you own is on your floor.

You have either baby wipes, a snack, or a sippy cup in your purse at all times.

You're now a pro at spelling all the names of different snacks out.

You can't have living room decor.

You count rubbing crayon off the wall with a magic eraser as your daily arm workout.

You never completely put the vacuum away because you're constantly vacuuming up food.

Carpet is your enemy.

There are food crumbs in every single room of your house.

You consider getting a "mom haircut" because your hair keeps getting pulled out (by both you and your toddler).

You find yourself having a conversation about your kid's shit for 5 minutes with your significant other.

You have yelled a phrase like, "No, you may not use chalk as lipstick".

You justify skipping the gym because your probably burned more calories chasing after your child than you would 1 hour at the gym.

You sit on the toilet for close to 10 minutes, not because you have to go to the bathroom, but because you get peace.

You can't remember the last time you said the word "bathroom", rather than "the potty".

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