Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Managing a Three-year-old's Hair

Luckily for Mira, her mom has naturally curly hair and knows how to manage it. Her hair is JUST like mine - naturally bouncy, spirally, tight curls from the root to the end. As I've gotten older mine have tamed wayyyy down, but all my pictures from childhood tell otherwise.

A lot of people ask me my routine and which hair products I use on her. After washing I make sure to use conditioner, rinse and towel dry, spray with a leave in conditioner/detangler, brush brush brush (even though she hates it), and use either a gel or styling cream to hold the curls in. Once it's dry I just don't brush it anymore. Nope. Not even a little bit.

My favorite product line for Mira is SoCozy. It's a salon haircare line made for kids and they have it at Target. I've used just about every single one of their products and just received their new line, "Boing", made for curls. Perfect. They make detangling spray, gel, and styling cream too.

Before even looking at the flavor, I noticed it smelled like delicious ice cream, and not too overpowering either. Then I noticed it was called "sweet cream". Touché. Mmmm though. 

Now if she would just let me braid her hair or put in barrettes..... At least the curls are shiny and beautiful!

ALSO, SoCozy is hosting an awesome sweepstakes. You could win an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood, Florida (worth $10,000) for 4 people! All you have to do is purchase any SoCozy product from Target, CVS, or Walgreens during the month of January and save your receipt, you'll then upload it to the sweepstakes page. <-- Check out the other deets! Super awesome giveaway!!

Does anyone else have a specific routine for their kids' hair?

This post has been sponsored by SoCozy
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Allowing Tomorrow to be a Good Day

There are far too many everyday things that I turn into something bigger, more special, than what they have to be. Why? Because I have this fear of time slipping by too quickly. I fear a life not lived enough or feeling too short. I fear that all these moments will be forgotten and not enough of them will be remembered as fun and special. I want to turn the mundane and ordinary into something more magical, something that's "us".

It's why I make a big deal out of holidays and birthdays and stretch out the entertainment for a month, rather than a few days. It's why I plan little weekend getaways and have an unrealistically loaded bucket list of stops to make in a new city. It's why I make rituals of all three of us cooking breakfast and dinner together and need to make a dance party out of it. It's why it drives me crazy if we don't take Mira to the aquarium or children's museum one week and why I feel like the worst parent ever if I don't take her to the library when I have free time.

Is it a bad thing to just want to try and make everything memorable? No. I'm trying to make moments and holidays stretch out longer, trying to add more pizzaz to daunting tasks like cooking and cleaning. I'm just doing what I think is to make life rich and full. It's not bad, but it is setting a precedent; a bar that I will have to always keep up and will feel like a huge let down if not reached.

One thing I have had a hard time realizing is it's okay to have a series of normal, quaint, boring days. It's okay when there isn't anything specific to look forward to when I lie down at night. Sometimes it's okay to just look forward to tomorrow just because it's tomorrow. What am I teaching my daughter and what am I setting her up for if I constantly have to have something special lined up? I haven't taught her that tomorrow is going to be a good day just because it is; because we will make it good; we will allow it.

I still like to make things special, but "Tomorrow will be a good day", is the only affirmation we need. 
Monday, January 9, 2017

My 2017 Bucket List

Hey guys and happy January! Whether you do resolutions or not, I think making a bucket list is a helpful thing to do. You can make it for the year, or just a month or season, but regardless it's something to keep you accountable in achieving goals and making things happen. Think of it as one giant to-do list for the year :)

2017 Bucket List:

Spruce up space
Buy new rug for living room
Buy large piece of art
Buy TV console
Buy new felt drawer set for bedroom

Take Mira to first movie
Take Mira to Nickelodeon Universe + Sea Life Aquarium for birthday
Take Mira swimming and skating more often
Donate some of her old clothes
Plan fun, memorable birthday party
Volunteer to walk dogs at Animal Allies

Have a spa day - full body massage
Keep track of miles ran
Meditate for 5 minutes every day
Have one week where you consciously don't complain about anything
Work in flex dieting/iifym more frequently
Work on daily affirmations

Go tent camping
Take a roadtrip to a new place
Stay in a B&B
Go to a concert
Do a tarot card reading
See a broadway show at state theatre
Do a wine and canvas class
Attend Japanese tea ceremony at Como Zoo & the Lantern Lighting Festival
Have more picnics
Travel through Switzerland and Austria

Knock out books on book list - 1 per month
Go to yoga once a month
Blog/write more frequently
Explore making new dishes from other countries
Drink wine with dinner & try new ones every time
Play piano more
Take more photos
Rent Nikon D750 or D810 to try out for a week
Write an ebook & self publish
Read from more news sources daily
Take a free online coding class

Buy genealogy spit kit
Put away more into savings monthly
Put more into Mira's savings monthly
Buy new car
Buy new luggage (already done last week!)
Get bikes (recover our old ones from home?) for the family

Get rid of clothes you don't wear
Donate said clothes
Start own charity foundation
Advocate more for charities/orgs you care about

What does your bucket list look like? 
Do you have any similar goals?

I'd love to hear your ideas!
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