Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sister Wives

This show at the very least is off putting. I am an educated 20-something middle class female, I am understanding and accepting of people of all race, ethnicity, religion (ONLY if you keep it to yourself), and sexual orientation. These things are all essentially out of people's hands. Religion is a slight exception since it isn't written into your DNA or permanent, people change their beliefs all the time based on life's experiences. But one thing that I just can't wrap my head around are these polygamist morman crazies. They act normal for the most part, but what part of you thinks that it's okay to do this? I don't understand. You aren't born to be polygamist, it's not like being born gay. This is something that you are doing to your children. I feel bad that I criticized Sister Wives on twitter and they blocked me, I really do. They are not hurting other people, and they support gay marriage. But what kind of morale is this? One man having sex with 4 women and it's okay because he's "spiritually married" to 3 of them? I am an atheist and I have better morals than this, it's just sad. Essentially what I see come out of this is promiscuity in their children.

Why does this man deserve to be loved and be fully committed by 3 individuals, but he doesn't have to reciprocate that same commitment to one individual? Men are not > than women, this is not the dark ages. I will be more accepting of this all only if these people are okay with a woman having Kody's role with plural husbands. BUT too bad they already stated that that's "wrong" and against their religion. I'm sorry? But where do you get off saying that? Someone please give these people a wake up call.
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