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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful Post: What I Love About Mira

Ironically, Mira is currently crying/whining/yelling in her crib right now because she doesn't want to take a nap, which has left me exhausted. Granted, it's because she's teething, but she has me completely tired out, more than when she was a newborn. Putting her down for naps and bedtime is almost impossible, and she's been waking up every 2 hours (if not more) in the night just wanting to comfort nurse. I can't imagine having to go to work, which is why I'm the one getting up with her instead of taking turns with Adam. People can try and give all the advice they want, but no combination of tylenol, ibuprofen, teething tablets, cold compresses, or teething toys can really put her pain to rest. The only thing that does is nursing. This is partly why I'm exhausted; I have a baby who wants to nurse 24/7, which means she rarely leaves my side. This is fine and dandy, but I just don't get things done on my to-do list and feel overwhelmed/defeated. I normally bring her to daycare for 2-3 hours today so I can work out and get some work done, but I figured she would probably cry and whine the whole time and let's face it; they won't be able to cater to her every second like I do. So, we'll save ourselves the stress and just keep each other busy at home.

Anyways.... I wanted to make a list of things I love about Mira in lieu of thanksgiving coming up.

Dear Mira,

1. I love how you are so determined, persistent, and never give up. I have watched you attempt to get a stuck book out of your book crate about 18 times after you finally got it out. It makes me so happy to see that you will try and try until no end. I realize that this will sometimes pose as a bad thing, but I'll take it.

2. I love watching you explore. It's so fun to see your expressions, which usually is just a concentrated look, and you always amaze us with what you are able to explore. Every day it seems like you start reaching a little further or standing on your tip toes a little taller or squeezing yourself in a space a little smaller. I always tell daddy, "never underestimate what she can get into". One day you are too short to reach something, but the next day is a whole new story.

3. I love when you grab an object and have to twist and flip it so you can see what it looks like from every angle. This shows me that you don't just want to see something for what it is, you want to understand it. You want to see all the colors, the shape, try to figure out how you can interact with it, what you can make it do, etc. Then you either decide if this object has value to you or if it doesn't. You then ditch it when it doesn't and you're on to the next thing :).

4. Now when an object does deem valuable to you, it's usually something you're not supposed to have. I don't even have to physically see you to know when you have something like this in your possession, I just have to hear you. You will be yelling/screaming and babbling up a storm in excitement, much louder and more intense than normal. This is when I should probably come running and save my iphone headphones or nail polish that I swore was out of your reach.

5. The way you dive like a slip-n-slide onto a newly washed floor. Since you've started crawling, I've become obsessed with having a clean floor, so I get on my hands and knees and wash it every other day, if not every day. The second I'm done with an area, you take your window of opportunity and slide on the slippery wet floor and basque in it until it's dry. It's quite funny to watch.

6. The way you speed crawl towards something that I catch you heading for. It goes like this: I see you about to head for something you're not supposed to (like the massive amount of cords in our bedroom that we usually keep closed), I say "Mira, no no..." or something related, you stop, look back, smile at me, then giggle and speed crawl over to it thinking that you'll quickly get to it before me. Well, you're actually close to beating me, but not close enough. This is why you are our troublemaker, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

7. The way you can hit your head 3 times in a row on something metal, wood, etc. and still not do as much as flinch. Daddy and I will just look at each other and laugh in amazement at how much of a beating you can take from things. Dad calls you the hulk. I'm pretty sure everything you've touched in this house has been hurt more than you have. You are kind of violent ;).

8. The way that you need me. I know this doesn't last, but I'm really taking in the ways that you are needy with me, like when I've been gone for one hour and you crawl over and reach up to me the second I walk in the door, or when I've been cooking in the kitchen for a while and you tug at my pant leg wanting me to pick you up, or when I pick you up from daycare after you've only been there for 2.5 hours and cry out of happiness because you missed me so much, and when you're extremely tired or not feeling well and nuzzle your head into my chest and eventually fall asleep- it's something that I don't get as often anymore since you are such an active active active girl.

We love your personality and seeing you learn. Every day you explore a new area in the house, figure out how to make a new sound (or word, whatever you want to call it), and get into a new shenanigan with an object or area that you are already familiar with. This is such a fun age, and it's not possible for you to be ANY cuter. We loved you just as much as when you were a newborn, but it's a different kind of love now that you are actually giving back and loving us back. We love our smart, determined, energetic baby so much!
Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mira got her first tooth :)

Sometime on Wednesday Mira got her first tooth! Granted, she will not let me look at it whatsoever, but I can feel it and I'm so excited! She has just one so far and I'm sure the second bottom one is working its way out soon. The last few nights have been hell, though. Not only was she teething but she's had a cold for three weeks and can barely breathe out of her nose. So those two things meshed together mean she has been waking up like 5 times a night. Her cry has never been this bad, not even as a newborn. We've been giving her tylenol, ibuprofen, teething tablets, frozen teething rings, you name it. Once she wakes up it can take up to 2 hours (actually last night I think it was 3) to calm her down and get her to sleep. It's come down to having her co-sleep with me a couple times, which only lasted maybe an hour before she woke up screaming in pain. At least she's fine during the day! Something about laying down must really hurt that tooth?

Proud mom moment of the week: We put Mira in her snugamonkey (we almost never do anymore) and she has learned how to rock herself by shifting her weight back and forth. Probably means she's a little too old for it and we should pack it away.

Proud dad moment of the week: Mira managed to take an 8 pound weight off my weight rack and tried to roll it around. Of course Adam was loving it.
Monday, November 4, 2013

8 months! / 35 weeks

Another awkward pose of our non-stop moving munchkin

Insert another cliche "time flies" line here. 

Mira has always been a mover and a shaker and I don't think she will ever slow down. EVEN when she is sick. She has had a bad cold for a week and a half and we decided to take her to the doctor today. Apparently she has an ear infection in one ear and the infection is almost moving to the other ear. The doc also thought she might have a sinus infection too, so she prescribed some antibiotics. Mira honestly hasn't acted any different besides getting up more often during the night (probably because her nose is so congested she can't breathe). We have really made use of Boogie Wipes, her humidifier, and infant tylenol. What a trooper she's been, though. 

Height: 27.25 inches
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz
Feeding: Breastfed about 7 times a day + about 4 oz. of solids daily (breakfast and dinner, sometimes lunch). 1/3 of it is rice or oatmeal cereal and the other 2/3 is fruits and vegetables. 
Sleeping: Not good lately because of her cold. Getting up every 3 hours in the middle of the night, it sucks... She is pretty consistent with her 7:30 am wakeup time though. 
Clothes size: Nothings changed since she obviously hasn't gained much weight; still 6 months and some 6-9 months. 
Diaper size: 2
Development: First and foremost; she is dancing now. It's my favorite! Adam gets worried because he thinks she looks like she's twerking or shaking her butt too much. I'm pretty sure all babies dance that way though. She's constantly standing against a piece of furniture reaching for whatever may be near by. We love the look of determination she gets when she spots something she shouldn't have and immediately starts speed crawling towards it. She also gets separation anxiety from me. Total mama's girl. 

Since Adam has tattoos for Mira, I decided to get myself this:

Photo dump of Mira lately:

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