Monday, May 27, 2013

12 Weeks

Mira is 12 weeks today!

Favorite things:
-Being held
-Bathtime. She is officially a splasher! It's so much fun now. We have moved her bathtub from the top of the sink to the tub in my bathroom because of how much water was getting splashed out.
-Trying to put anything and everything in her month
-Her blankie
-Blowing bubbles with her mouth
-Funny noises we make with our mouths
-Looking in the mirror - even more than before. She now giggles and talks to herself
-Looking outside. If she is ever fussing, all we have to do is put her by the window so she can see outside and she will stop 98% of the time. Her head is then moving in all directions at 100 mph looking at everything, which we think is so cute.
-Her toys. She is starting to get into them a little more, and she is VERY grabby.
-Grabbing fingers, hair, shirts, boobs, ya know. I think I even have scratches on my chest from her digging her nails into me. I have also been filing her nails almost daily! She still manages to claw me.
-Pulling her blankie(s) over her head. It's fine when she does that with her little baby blanket because it's thin and breathable, but it worries me when she does that with the thick blankets. We will only put them at her feet but she still manages to pull it up past her head.
-Raspberries on her tummy (or zerberts as Adam calls them)
-Watching tv. Literally anything.

Things she doesn't like
-Sitting in the bumbo. She will spend the entire time sitting in the bumbo trying to escape. It's actually kinda funny.
-Not having someone by her side while playing
-Did I mention she is high maintenance?

We haven't even tried swaddling Mira for several weeks now, since she would just bust out of them anyways. She doesn't really need to be swaddled, though, since she falls asleep pretty easily when it's time.

She is also still rolling over. She's done it several times now, yay!

Closing off with a picture of Mira helping mommy blog :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

11 weeks, Back to work/Pumping!

Little Mira Sage is 11 weeks, and oh so much fun. She is smiling so big and laughing and making more cute babbling noises. Her smile is so genuine and happy it basically brings tears to my eyes. Last week, she rolled over! Yay! She is such an active baby for a 2 month old. One of her favorite things to do is walk around with someone's assistance. She even has the footsteps down right. I have a feeling this one will be hitting a lot of early milestones.

I started work again. So far, so good. I was basically just worried about pumping. I have two windows without any blinds/drapes so I was worried about how I would cover them up, I was worried about what to put on the door so people wouldn't walk in, I was worried about the pump being loud and I would feel embarrassed, and I was worried about what clothes to wear; do I have to wear nursing tank tops everyday or should I dress normal and just lift up my whole top? Well I solved the window problem by taping pieces of paper to it, I simply wrote "Please do not disturb: come back in 15 minutes" on a piece of paper for my door, I brought a blanket to put over the pump to muffle the sound, and I wore normal clothes with a nursing bra and just lifted up my whole shirt. I have a cute little cooler to put the breastmilk in, I have Medela quick clean wipes to wipe off the parts (even though there's a full kitchen 2 feet away from my office), and my Medela tote bag to put everything in (including extra membranes, milk storage bags, etc.). I went to work a half hour early thinking I needed that extra time to settle in and set up the breast pump, but I really didn't need to. I do love being able to come home and be with Mira before 4:00 though. I'm lucky I don't have to work at a job that stays until 5 or later, that'd be less time with baby!

Also, my milk supply is back up where it used to be. I get about 6 oz. each session, which is 2.5 more ounces than Mira drinks, so exclusively pumping during the day is actually pretty efficient. I started drinking mother's milk tea last week, and it took about 2 days for the supply to shoot back up to normal. I am so happy about it. It does make it hard when I can't go see a movie without getting engorged breasts half way through, but I won't complain. I'd obviously rather have that happen than not have enough.

I feel so lucky to be able to have my sister nanny. This means I don't have to get Mira ready in the morning to take anywhere. Adam sometimes has mornings off, too, so he can always get her ready for the day as well.

Monday, May 13, 2013

10 weeks

Mira is 10 weeks today. Double digits, tear.

Night time is getting to be a lot easier. She will usually only get up once around 2:30 am to eat. Then at around 7:30 she's up for the day. Lucky for me, she plays for about an hour and then takes a 2 hour nap, so I usually get a nap in too :). She's becoming progressively more vocal and laughs and smiles more and more each day. She has also become a good scooter when she lays on her tummy. There's been days where she has been napping and I walk away for 5 minutes and she has managed to scoot 2 feet forward. She even does it in her sleep. Adam thinks she'll be crawling at 5 months. 

Favorite things: looking in the mirror, being on her changing table- especially after a poopy diaper change, bathtime, looking out the window, being on her activity mat, and her favorite thing ever is when Adam & I make noises with our mouths 

Mira's still exclusively breastfed even after this drop in my milk supply. Thankfully it has been slowly creeping back up. Basically what the LC said was that I have just enough milk right now but Mira is getting too frustrated to suck it all out because it's taking more work than before. So I have to pump after every feeding. Pumping after every feeding is exhausting. Exhausting for the boobs (it's like attaching a vacuum cleaner to your chest) and just mentally exhausting. I get so frustrated every time. When I pumped before, I could get 4 oz. out even after I fed Mira, and I didn't even drain the breast.  Now I wish I would've taken advantage of that and pumped after every feeding back then. It's safe to say I have nostalgia of the first 8 weeks. I miss waking up in the middle of the night with engorged breasts, I miss having to make Mira slow down since the milk came out so fast, and I miss her getting "milk drunk" with milk dripping off her pouty little lip. What a weird thing to miss. I am just hoping and waiting for the day that the supply gets back to where it was. 

Yesterday was my first mother's day. On the bright side, I got to spend it with just Mira alone because Adam worked from 10 to about 7. On the not so bright side, Adam literally forgot it was mother's day until an hour after he got to work, in which he sent me a happy mother's day text. Granted, it was a sweet text, but I was sulking all day because he didn't do anything special for me. He did end up bringing home a card (and bdubs takeout) at 8:00 that night, but I'm still pretty bummed out that I didn't get any special gifts or gestures. Maybe I'm being superficial, but it's unlike him to fail to make me feel special. Sigh, over it. 

Post pregnancy progress: I've worked out about 5 times now and it didn't take me very long to get back to where I was as far as workouts go. I hit the gym hard at just the second visit. I sometimes worry about my milk supply suffering, so I make sure to take in a lot of calories, darn ;). I'm still 6 or 7 pounds away from pre-prego weight, and that's okay with me. I'm sure it'll shed off soon enough. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

2 months/9 weeks

Mira is 2 months as of Saturday (9 weeks today). She had her two month shots today, and I felt so so bad for her, of course. She cried so hard she was red in the face for ten minutes after the shots. Luckily I was able to stay behind after and nurse her. I also recently got her a baby blanket, so she definitely cuddled up to it afterwards as well. She loves her blankie :)

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz. The weight from my 8 week post was taken with all her clothes on using our home scale, so it wasn't quite as accurate. She also may have lost a little weight this last week.
Feeding: Still breastfeeding, but I was put on the "mini pill" 12 days ago and they have been a tough 12 days for milk production. The hormones from the pill decreased my supply drastically (by half or more) to the point where we had to use some of my frozen milk to supplement. After seeing both my doctor and lactation consultant I am no longer taking that pill. I'm already noticing the supply coming back up. Poor Mira has had a rough time.
Clothes size: Still in the 0-3 months and some 3 months. A couple family friends have given us a TON of clothes this last month, it's awesome.
Development: The doctor couldn't believe how strong Mira was. She has very strong legs, strong neck, and strong arms.
It's only been a week and Mira's "dislike list" has been cut in half. She is actually okay with being on her back now and she isn't such a stubborn burper anymore. Thank god.

And here's an adorable video of Mira talking to her monkeys before during her bedtime.

If you put the video in fullscreen you can kind of see how often her tongue is out.
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