Thursday, July 7, 2016

Engaged! Now What?

I'm so very excited to announce that (finally) I'm engaged! I mean we're engaged! For the last, I don't know, FIVE years (or ever since Pinterest was invented) I have browsed the wedding Pinterest category and made an embarrassing amount of secret wedding boards. I felt like I could have an impromptu wedding at any moment.


Weddings are so much more than pinning 4 carat princess cut rings and flower crowns. There's just so many real life aspects that really make me want to hire a wedding planner. I have emailed the popular venues in town and a couple are already booked for every single Saturday next summer through October. How!? I have browsed 70 million photographers in the area. How do you choose "the one"?!

How many people do we invite? We want it small, but at the same time don't want to leave anyone out. I want to be surrounded by all the people I love and cherish, but once you get over a certain guest number, the prices shoot up. Every single thing seems like a dilemma.

But. Yes, there's a but. It's all fun. This is my forte; planning. Coordinating. I have come to love it. Teenage me wouldn't believe it.

I have to talk myself down, though. I can not give into the pressure of having an over the top wedding. I don't need all the bells and whistles. I don't need to rent a limo. I don't need to have a mini orchestra. I don't need to serve filet minion. Every single wedding website and blog make me feel pressured into having this picture perfect magazine-worthy wedding, when in fact, that's not for me. I want it to be beautiful, but not obnoxious. Something cute, simple, and quaint. And those who know me, I gag at the word traditional anyway.

Any wedding tips are SO welcome, you guys!

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