Thursday, November 6, 2014

20 Months!

Just when I thought I was too obsessed with Mira, I go and get more obsessed with her. I know Adam feels this way too. 

She is left handed [so far]. And it could be coincidence, but she seems to be very interested in the arts. At ECFE, where I get to watch her play and interact with the other kids in a dream room full of all the toys and activities you could imagine, she chooses to spend her time at the drawing table, the marker area, the chalkboard, and the craft table. This also may be because she is a little younger than the 3 and 4 year old girls who choose to play in the dress up and kitchen area. Regardless, I am so proud of her, because she's not falling for the domesticated toddler toys. 

Clothes size: 18 months, 18-24 months, and some 2T. 
Diaper size: We're into 4's now
Teeth: 14
Height: TBD
Weight: 24 pounds
Hair: Dirty blonde/light brown
Eyes: Slate

Phrases Mira loves to say:
"Stop it!" This is by far the most common. She even told her tummy to "stop it" a couple times the other night when she had bad gas. 
"More nacks [snacks]!"
Wraps her arm around my neck, pulls me in close to her while saying "Come here".
"I got it"
"I tired" I do love how she lets us know this.

Mira's favorites:
Animal: Elephant. When an elephant shows up on tv, I don't know how else to say it but Mira freaks out. I tried to record it one time but missed the window of opportunity and only captured the second stage of elephant freakout: the mouth open blank stare. I will capture it soon, I will!
Food: Mac & cheese, blueberry muffins, and spicy food. I've always made her a separate meal whenever Adam and I have something spicy, but I have found that she likes this stuff too! And asks for seconds and thirds. Getting her to eat straight up veggies is impossible. I need to sneak it in her food like a ninja; in smoothies, ravioli, or finely chopped in pasta sauces or soups. 
Song: She loves to sing, mostly songs I think she made up. She loves to sing ABC's and twinkle twinkle with us. She also loves when I do patty cake with her. 
Activities: She loves "drawing", taking valuables from us and hiding them around the house so we can't find them, anything physical; chase, hide and seek, climb mommy like a jungle gym, and dancing. Man does she love dancing, it's adorable. She will grab both my hands and try to drag me to the dance area in our house and say "dance!". 
Screen time: She has been watching Sesame Street lately and loves Elmo. Almost as much as elephants. She still really likes Mickey Mouse. And Adam introduced her to Frozen and Tangled. "Frosen, Ana" we hear. On any given Saturday at home she will have watched either of these back to back 2 or 3 times. 
Bedtime: Finally getting to be a breeze. She actually lets us brush her teeth and she goes down like an angel about every night now. She sweetly sends us off by saying "bye!" and we hear her cheerfully chat a little bit before she actually falls asleep. She wakes up one time a night to nurse, on a really good night she sleeps through the night. 


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