Sunday, December 14, 2014

21 Months

I can't keep track of all the words and phrases anymore. I'll just say Mira's VERY chatty for her age.

A few cute ways Mira says different words and phrases:

"Chistmast" - Christmas.
"Deckiations" - Decorations
"I said no!" - when she really doesn't want to do something
"Come on!" her pulling our arm when she wakes up in the morning (which lately, we've been co-sleeping, so we are immediately woken up) and wants to go out into the living room to play. 
"I did it!" - whenever she accomplishes literally anything
"Bless you!" - when someone sneezes
"Thank you!" - when someone says 'bless you' to her 
"I lub you" - My favorite

She's working on: colors (still sometimes forgets some and gets pink/red and brown/black mixed up), numbers (she's going through a phase where she likes to count everything, and by that I mean she says "four, seven, eight!"), and introducing more and more animals and the sounds they make (like dragons, goldfish, crows). 

Mira's never had the flu (knock on wood), but she gets ear infections all the time. Everytime she gets a runny nose, an ear infection pretty much comes along with it. So that makes about 8 infections since she started daycare at 9 months. Which is kind of a lot. We've tried chiropractic work and natural remedies, but it seems like the ear infections are just inevitable. So after seeing an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor, it was suggested that she gets tubes. Ugh, I wanted to avoid that. I'm scared of the idea that my one year old would be put under anesthesia. But, I think the risk of hearing loss is more concerning at this point so we went forward with scheduling the surgery. She has her pre-op appointment tomorrow morning and the surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. Adam's taking off work so we can both be with her that day. It sounds like it's a very common surgery, so I'm not *too* worried!


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