Tuesday, September 9, 2014

18 Months!

18 Months!
Mira at her 18 month well-visit doing what she does best. What I didn't capture was her putting all the books away. She is finally getting it. 

18 months is another huge milestone. We no longer sound like crazy obsessed parents when telling people her age ("she just turned 17 months"). She is 18 months, AKA a year and a half! Adam said "she's almost two!" the other day and I stopped him right in his tracks and told him to knock that off right now. 6 months away is not "almost", no way. Especially when it's our little baby. 

Mira at 18 months is SO much fun and SO full of energy. I think to myself how I could never have two this age on a daily basis, actually. We are constantly laughing, and I mean belly laughing at her and with her. Our hearts are constantly melting at how cute she is the same time. Like picking her up from daycare or walking in the front door and having her run full speed at us and hug us tightly. It's the little things. Of course, it is that time of year and Mira has a head cold. Hoping it's not the ugly one that's hospitalizing littles all over the midwest :( 

Height: 32 inches
Weight: 22 pounds 8 ounces (50th percentile)
Clothes size: 18 months (the 18 month shirts are getting too small because of her bigger sized belly), 18-24 months, 24 months, and getting into 2T (Crazy! TEAR :'( )
Diaper size: Still 3's but 4's also fit.
Teeth: 12, at least. It's hard for me to see anymore. She is a little stinker when it comes to letting us brush her teeth. One of us has to hold her and her hands while the other brushes them, all while she is freaking out the whole time.
Sleep: She is getting up 2-3 times per night to nurse. And now that she has a head cold she's getting up more like 3-4 times with a stuffy nose and slight fever. I honestly don't think I will ever get a good night's sleep again.
Eating: She's getting pickier. For some reason she has decided she doesn't like chicken or turkey anymore, which were the only meats she used to eat. She doesn't seem to care for blueberries anymore, and raspberries aren't the top of her list either. Grapes are a new favorite. Pasta is always a safe choice. Avocado is still up there. I keep trying to introduce new foods but she would rather decorate the floor with them. Still nurses nights and weekends. Still loves crackers and any other snackie type thing.

Terrible picture, but I wanted to try and capture how she begs for food (like a puppy, lol). Keep in mind she ate a full meal right before this. Reason #1 why we try to eat at the same time with her. 

New common words/phrases:

• Mira says "toot" when she farts or poops her diaper. She also says it when someone else farts audibly. When I go to the bathroom, I tell Mira I'm gonna go "toot" to imply that I need privacy. Well, I guess Mira doesn't get the hint yet, because she runs right after me and yells "Boo!" as I sit down on the pot and then proceeds to bother me (trying to climb me, mostly) until I am done. I feel bad shutting the door on her when I'm home alone because she knocks on the door, whines, reaches her little fingers underneath the crack of the door, etc. just itching to get in.

• "duck" or "guck" - stuck
• "watt" - watch
• "funny"
• "truck"
• "moke" - milk
• "hummy?" - when she wants to nurse. not really sure where this word came from. Adam thinks it might mean hungry?
• "dupp" - jump (it is too cute when she jumps!!)
• "piddy" - pretty. she has now become obsessed with calling things pretty, which is my favorite! it is mostly just decor or sparkly things, I have to work with her on calling ME pretty ;)
• "bicky" - blankie. she is so much fun to put to bed fifty percent of the time. the other half she just plain doesn't want to and throws a two minute fit. but I love when she is all ready to go to sleep and hugs her little doll and cuddles with it. Then if her blankie is on the other side of the crib she will ask me, "bicky?" so I cover her up. (Overwhelmingly adorable, right?) To top it off she will usually say "nigh nigh mommy" or daddy, or some variation of both (she loves to say "mommydaddy" and "daddymommy" like we are one) But omg, be still my heart <3!! Too cute.

• Mira says ABC's.... as in she can say ABCD, lol. But you can tell she knows the song because she sings the right tune and just adds her own little jibber jabber.

Lastly, Mira loves to "help" now. My favorite is when she is done eating, she will take her plate and actually put it in the dishwasher in the correct spot for the plates. She then pushes the dishwasher drawer in and shuts the door. She also loves to help me put clean dishes away by handing me the bigger things and then actually throwing the silverware in the silverware drawer. We love our little helper.

Happy 18 months sweet girl!
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