Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Favorite Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Let's face it, toddlers love snacks and could probably live off of them if we left it up to them. Here are 5 healthy snacks that are delicious and fun for toddlers to eat. 

1. Crackers & Hummus

We experiment with different crackers and different flavors of hummus. If you're lucky enough to where your child likes vegetables, hummus and veggies is a great snack! 

2. Granola Bars

Basically, you can put anything in a granola bar and kids will eat them. I have a recipe here for clean granola bars. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

You Know You're An Introverted Mom When...

I used to be a lot more introverted, especially throughout college. In the last couple years, I've become a little more extroverted, honestly. I think having a kid might have something to do with that. Weird how that kind of stuff can change. But I think I will always feel like a complete introvert, no matter what some Meyer's Brigs personality test says.

I always wondered how introverted moms handle having children, especially 3, 4, or more. Even one child takes a lot of energy mentally and physically. There's things I do that, I guess, keep me centered when I feel like I am running on empty.

You Know You're An Introverted Mom When...

1. You stay up 4 hours after everyone has gone to bed just because you need the silent alone time.
Or if you're a morning person, waking up an hour before everyone else is heaven on earth.
Monday, May 18, 2015

Blogging: 6 Things I Didn't Know & What Non-Bloggers Should Know

I've blogged for a few years now. I started out like most bloggers start out; just for fun. A nice little way to articulate my thoughts before they implode in my mind. Sometimes a way to simply document life. Sometimes to help people and make a difference. Sometimes to just have a network of like-minded people.

When you're blogging as a hobby, it's easy. You get to write whenever you want to, even if it's only once every couple months. When I decided to monetize just this year, I realized it's a whole different ball game. You can't get away with writing only 6 times a year if you want to receive any benefits from it.

Here's a list of 6 things that I learned about blogging and what non-bloggers ought to know:
Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our Spring Outdoors in Photos

Monday, May 11, 2015

6 Things I Never Thought I'd Let My Child Do

My pregnant self would be dying if she knew what I let Mira do today. We have our birth plans, then we have our plan for how things are going to go for the baby age, the toddler age, and so forth. Here are 6 things that never made it into the plan, in fact, I would be mortified.

1. Let my kid eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch for a week straight. 

Or even worse, for lunch and dinner. It's not like I haven't tried a thousand different foods with her. Over and over. We have tried the "eat it or you will go to bed hungry" and "try 3 bites and you can have something else if you still don't like it". And to no avail. She is so stubborn that she doesn't give in no matter how hungry she might be. Had to let go of my vision of her eating mushroom covered grilled chicken over a bed of brown rice and kale. Okay that's a little extreme but you get the idea.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Strong-willed Toddlers: 4 Reasons Why They Actually Rock

1. You're constantly burning calories

"Where does she get all her energy?!" "I wish I could bottle HALF that energy up"
I feel like I can never catch up with Mira, and I am pretty sure that is the point. She is almost constantly trying to push her limits and get into something. This girl keeps me on my toes and while some (most) days I am exhausted, I still love it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

15 Things To Be Happy About Today

The happiest people aren't the ones with the nicest things, the most friends, or the most power. The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude for what they have. They simply focus on what they have vs what they don't have.

This isn't rocket science. Most of you probably knew that. But it's also something people tend to forget.

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded.

1. Waking up in a warm, cozy bed. Especially on a chilly morning. And even more so in the winter when you look at your smart phone with utter surprise that it's -17 degrees out. This is more than shelter, this is cozy and luxurious. You are living like a king no matter what you think.

2. Having people around you that are wiser, more talented, and more educated than you. This means you have the chance to learn from them.

3. Cooking whatever dinner you want to (within your talents, ha!). This not only means you can give yourself or your family a nutritious meal, but cooking is love. You are showing a deep love in the language of food for whoever you cook for.

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