Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 Month Favorites

Britax B-Agile Stroller. I'm obsessed with this stroller. It's high quality, but light weight and so easy to fold and unfold. Britax prides itself on the "one-handed" folding/unfolding feature. Not to mention Mira's car seat snaps right into it. Walks are so easy with this stroller!

Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. We now just use these as light weight blankets on hot days. So perfect to throw on Mira in her carseat or when she's napping in her crib.

Pump In Style Advanced by Medela. I've used this ever since Mira was just a couple weeks old, and I still use it a lot. Anyone who plans on breastfeeding should get this. Even if you are a SAHM. You will end up using it at some point to boost your supply. I love that it comes with a battery pack so you can use it on the go (i.e. all the four hour roadtrips we've taken this summer) BUT I got sick of changing the batteries and bought the Vehicle Lighter adapter for Medela Pump-in-Style. Life saving. With that being said, I love having cleaning wipes in the Medela tote bag at all times for when I'm not near soap and water. I used to have the Medela brand, but I decided I didn't need to spend the money on those when I could by "pacifier wipes" which are essentially the same thing, but cheaper. The Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, 5 Count are also a necessity for sanitizing pump parts. I use it literally every day. Sure beats having to run the dishwasher all the time.

Baby nail clippers. Mira's nails grow constantly. If I don't clip her nails at least every other day, she will scratch herself, and me, and everything.

Boon lawn drying rack. I love having a separate drying rack for baby supplies. It is constantly full of bottles, breast-pump parts, and pacifiers that have been washed or sanitized.
Teething toys. Mira has begun teething so I've got some toys that I can throw in the fridge for her to have a cool sensation to chew on.

Bounce-a-Round Activity Center (similar). Mira really likes it for 5 minutes, but for some reason she whines to get out after that. I don't know why she gets bored in it so fast. But at least she's really excited for that first 5 minutes.

Burp cloths. Mira's been spitting up a lot lately and I'm not sure why, but flannel burp cloths are my favorite. They're big, so there won't be any spit up anywhere but the cloth and since they are flannel, it soaks everything right up.

Baby sunglasses. These are pretty much just for that cliche summer photo op of your babe.

You! Lingerie nursing bra. This is the exact bra I have and it is so amazing; it's high quality, comfortable, and really pretty. I would definitely place this above Victoria's Secret bras. I'll probably wear it even after I'm done nursing. I highly recommend this for all breastfeeding mamas!
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

20 Weeks/4 month checkup stats

Yesterday Mira turned 20 weeks. I was certain that she wasn't that old until I actually looked at a calendar.

She had her 4 month appointment on the 9th so I got some stats:
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 12 lbs. 14 oz.
Head circumference: 16 1/4 inches

Favorite things Mira does:
- Sliding down in the bathtub so her whole body is submerged besides her face. She loves it, and it's pretty obvious she is going to love swimming when she gets older.
- Sucking on my cheek. I used to think she did that when she was hungry, but I think it's just her way of showing love.
- How excited she gets when she knows she's about to eat. Once I get her in the position to nurse she starts panting and her mouth starts making the sucking movement. She does the same thing with the bottle, too, except with the bottle she actually reaches for it. So cute and hilarious.
- Now when I hold her on my hip, she actually holds on to me back. Love it.
- She's talking more and making new noises. Sounding more and more like actual conversation, also getting louder. She enjoys hearing her own voice, that's for sure.
- Playing a lot more violently with her toys/household objects. Violently is the only way I can describe it. She'll crumple up a piece of paper, throw objects on the ground, and shake the life out of her toys. It seems to be accidental most of the time, though, so I'm not worried about her becoming a future sadist or anything.

Needless to say, we are still obsessed with her. From her cute little personality shining through all the way down to the way her face has chubbed up. I now have given her several variations of the nickname "chubbas". Love her!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4 months!

You can see here how she loves taking her monthly stickers off? This was in a crumpled up ball in a matter of 2 minutes. 

Mira is 4 months (tomorrow)! I can't express how much I'm loving having the summer off with her. I am spoiled lucky!

We just had an awesome weekend at my parents' lake cabin filled with boat rides, jetskiing, bonfires, grilling, drinks, and tanning. I get to do it all over again starting today, but Adam has to work the entire weekend :(..... I often fantasize about how awesome it'd be if we could both just not work. Fantasizing is obviously as far as that idea goes.

Height/Weight: Still TBD (her 4 month appt is on July 9)
Feeding: Exclusively breastfed. She has about 7-8 feedings per day and takes about 4 oz. per feeding.
Sleeping: We put her to bed at about 8 and then usually between midnight and 1 am she will be up for another feeding, and then again between 4-5 am. Some nights are better than others. On a good night she will go from about midnight until 7 am. I don't think she's ever gone more than 7 hours.
Clothes size: 0-3 months (yet getting a little more snug), 3 months, and 3-6 months. 3-6 months stuff still has plenty of growing room.
Development: Grabbing things, she can now reach for objects, even pulls the covers up when she's cold! We only put her blanket on her legs at night but noticed the fan made her cold because she would pull the blanket perfectly up to her neck. Babbles, laughs, smiles huge! She also knows her name now, and pretty soon will be sitting on her own.
Me: Like I said, I'm happy as a clam to have the summer off with Mira. Trying to keep up working out at least twice a week, reading almost a book a week (currently reading 2: one for pleasure and one more for my career), actively seeking a new job (had an interview last week), and just got done throwing a surprise birthday party for my parents with the help of my sister. 
Adam: Still working 50 + hours a week between his two jobs plus lifting 4 times a week. I think I've also got him on the book train; he just finished reading world war Z.

Mira loves:
Bathtime (every single part surrounding it, including lying down getting undressed before the bath and getting wrapped up in her towel afterwards)
Slightly screaming (video to follow)
Hearing herself make noises
Looking in the mirror
Grabbing things
Holding mama or daddy's iphone for 5 seconds and then dropping it
Being outside
Boat rides
Putting things in her mouth
Being in her carseat
Trying to "help" unbuckle her carseat, take her diaper off, take her nuk out, or any other "helpful" thing that involves pretty much taking something off
Watching tv
Watching us eat
Watching us have conversation

Mira doesn't like:
Having her picture taken
Getting her hand stuck between the crib bars
Sleeping on her back
Being hungry for more than 2 seconds

Happy 4th everyone! 

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