Monday, July 28, 2014

Mira during the 16th month

Mira's vocabulary and communication skills are flourishing :)

Words she started using the past week or two:
"nigh-nigh" - when she's ready for bed. She'll either lay on the ground or reach for me to pick her up and rest her head on my shoulder and say it.
"Okay" - clearer than before
"MINE" - she learned this from daycare, apparently it's all the toddlers' favorite word
"bubble" - perfectly clear
"Tay Tay"
"apple"- for pineapple
"daddy" - even cuter than the original "dada"
"mom" and "mama" - clearer than before, which makes me happy :)

Anytime I ask Mira to say something she ALWAYS tries, I've gotta give her credit. "can you say turkey?" "can you say thank you?" and she always just mumbles the syllables but she looks at me like she's really saying it and is so proud :)

I died of cuteness/hilariousness the other night when Mira was asking Adam to go [out]"side" right before bed when she was in her pajamas. "Side?" "no, Mira" "side?" "no, sweetie" "side?" "no" this went on for about 15-20 times of her asking "side?" So relentless. So adorable.

This captures it all: 1. Mira is a climber, I literally don't know how to babyproof for this. 2. Our house has toys scattered everywhere on the daily and 3. Yes, that's crackers with peanut butter on them because she looooves her snacks. 

Mira can:
blow her nose into a kleenex
drink out of a regular cup by herself
give high fives on command
hold up a number "1" finger when you ask her how old she is
when you ask her if she wants "breakfast, lunch, or supper" she runs over to her highchair and reaches up
goes over to her "snack" area when she wants a snack (which feels like all the time)
brings us a book and sits in our lap when she wants to read
give us the sign for food (versus before she gave us the sign for "more") when she wants to eat

Other than vocabulary and physicality, not much has changed since 15 months. She now has 11 teeth with 1 more just about coming through. She's still wearing the same clothing and diaper size, still eating the same foods and nursing nights and weekends. She actually slept through the night* TWO nights in a row over the weekend. Two nights in a row is a big deal for us, so maybe this will become a pattern. *sleeping through the night for us is from bedtime (7-8 pm) until morning (which for her is 6:15 am).

W e a n i n g I currently am trying to wean Mira off of nursing. I'd be lying if I said I know what I'm doing. I would just like her to not throw a tantrum for me, Adam, or whoever is babysitting her when she can't have her boob milk (whether I don't have time, I'm not there, or just because I fed her not that long before and tell her she just had some). For this reason I hate asking anyone to babysit besides family. Also, when she wakes up she is giving the ASL sign for either 'food', 'more', or 'milk', often times alternating between two of them (usually it's food and milk). So not only does she eat a big meal at dinner, we have had to start giving her a calorie or protein dense snack right before bed, and that's not even helping. She seems genuinely hungry when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes nursing her is enough, but sometimes she wants more, like actual food. So in that case I end up handing her string cheese or yogurt bites or something of that nature. So that's what our nights have become; me standing in our kitchen holding Mira at 2, 3, or 4 in the morning waiting for her to finish her snack.


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