Friday, August 29, 2014

Mira Lately

First things first; Mira went pee in her potty. I feel weird saying that phrase because it is SO cliche of parents of toddlers. You hear it all the time and think to yourself, I'm not gonna be that parent that says things stupid sounding things like that. Buuuut you do. Haha. Anyways, I think I clapped and cheered for 3 minutes straight (on top of the little song that the potty chair plays when it senses liquid). SO proud of her! :)

W o r d s & Phrases she says (without being asked)
"Oh no!"
"sowwy!" sorry (which she now says to inanimate objects and it's obviously hilarious. She bumps into her tower fan? She will turn around and say "sorry" while stroking it.)
"Shoey" for shoe
"Bye Gramma" - mom taught this to her over our Oregon trip but she just says it to everyone now...
"Buppa" for grandpa
"yeah?!" - her response whenever you ask her a question
"bick" - book (we now have to "check one out" at daycare every day now. not sure if we are supposed to, but there's a book shelf in the entry way with tons of used books and she just started deciding to take one home everyday.
"Toot" you guessed it, when she or anyone else farts we hear it ;)
"Walk?" When she wants to walk 
"I okay?" - after she falls down and if she hurts herself she will come over and hug me

The list of things she can repeat upon request is much longer and practically endless. One that made me laugh the other day was "Nice". Adam made a witty joke and I said "NICE", so then Mira said "NICE!"about 5 times. And grinning of course. So funny to hear from a toddler in that context.

- She has been able to point to her ears, belly button, and toes for a while, but now she can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair when you ask her.

- Starting to sit at her table for meals instead of her highchair

- She likes "coloring" (scribbling) in her coloring books and putting stickers on pages

- Kisses Adam and I on the lips while going "muah!"

- Signs 'please' and 'thank you' when she wants certain things like snacks.

- Gives us a hug when we ask her to

- For a while, she has known "nice hands" or "gentle touch" and so when she's getting a little too rough with someone, we have had to remind her. Now she is starting to know better and do it without being asked. I sometimes wonder how she would react to holding a newborn baby?

We are off to the lake cabin for our last "hoorah" of the summer. Hopefully there's good weather! Mira's 18 month well-visit is a little over a week away, so you'll be hearing from me again soon!

Someone got underestimated and the mascara tube open. 


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