Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28 Weeks

Third trimester has now begun! I've noticed my energy is starting to deplete, so it's all really happening. Baby only has a couple months left! She is kicking more and more and stronger and stronger each week. This week Adam and I could see movement from the outside. My family came up for thanksgiving and everytime someone tried to feel the baby kick it's like she would completely stop. I swear she only kicks for Adam or I. But the weekend was fun! We had such a yummy menu and there's plenty of leftovers. We went to the Bulldogs' hockey game and I noticed the strongest movement during the game, it must have been the loud music or commotion. Maybe we have a future little hockey player on our hands? :)

As far as cravings go; I still don't exactly have any, but I do have a little more of a sweet tooth. I could probably live on sweets, actually. It's almost like my appetite for regular food has been replaced with an appetite for sweets. I've also had no signs of stretch marks (I should say new stretch marks-I already have some from my freshman 15 back in the day!). I've been lathering 3 different products on everyday: vaseline in the morning, oil at night, and a little Mederma creme twice daily. It seems to be doing the trick so far.

I did the glucose tolerance test on Tuesday and okay, it wasn't so bad! I thought it'd be terrible because a) I hate sugary drinks and b) I am a slow drinker, and you have to chug the thing in under 5 minutes. I do have to say I did not chug it in under 5 minutes or even finish it completely, whoops. It was just too much to drink at once. Now I have to go back on Friday for a 3 hour appointment filled with more tests since my results from the first time were too close to call :(. I thought I'd pass with flying colors since I'm healthy, so hopefully everything goes well on Friday. Maybe it has to do with me not following directions the first time :/.
Now I'll sure just a couple pictures of progress

Accent lamp for the nursery:

28 Week belly:
Edit: Just created an "18 weeks vs. 28 weeks" picture:


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