Wednesday, November 21, 2012

27 Weeks

Okay, the acid reflux is getting annoying! It's not painful, but it's a discomfort that I've been having everyday now. I'm definitely getting used to having tum flavored breath. Otherwise, everything is still going great. Adam's parents came up last weekend and got us a changing table with changing pad. It's a nice feeling everytime the nursery gets an addition; it's starting to feel more and more complete.

Also, I had my monthly doc appt yesterday and I've gained 20 pounds already! Whoops. I can't be mad since I'm doing everything I can to be healthy (except for the times I go to a restaurant just for dessert ;)). The doc said size-wise and weight-wise I'm right on track, though.  Next week I have my blood glucose test, hopefully I can force down that sugary drink, yuck.

Tomorrow's thanksgiving, and Adam and I will be having it at our house! Hope everyone has a good one!

27 week belly pic:


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