Thursday, November 29, 2012

Perks of the 2nd trimester

So these past few months have been really good. I kept thinking to myself, "why is this pregnancy going so well?!" I was, for the most part, comfortable and had zero stress about anything. I'm so thankful to be this content (good for baby too!). Here is a list of things I really enjoyed about the second trimester:

- Kicking!
- Luscious, healthy hair
- My nails are stronger and healthier than they've ever been
- Smooth, glowing skin that didn't even make me miss being tan
- Eating without judgement. Not only is it socially acceptable to eat every 2 hours, but it's enforced! I will miss that for sure!
- Women are overly nice to me. I can't remember being called adorable pre-pregnancy very much, but now I hear it all the time.
- Thanksgiving fell during second trimester. Combining thanksgiving and pregnancy is the ultimate combination. But, I actually had eyes bigger than my stomach and ended up throwing away 1/3 of my plate.
- Lastly; finally being able to "look" pregnant. I didn't start actually looking pregnant until 23 weeks (5 1/2 months) or so and it's actually a relief.

I hear that third trimester is where it starts to get uncomfortable, so let's hope it goes well!

Very tired eyes today


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