Thursday, November 15, 2012

26 Weeks

Okay I miss sleeping on my back!!

But it was another good week. I went out to a bar on Friday night with Adam to meet up with his old roommate and some friends. I was drinking water when someone asked me what I was drinking and wondered why I didn't have any alcohol in it. I just love telling people I'm pregnant, actually. Not only am I excited to be pregnant but I love seeing the looks on people's faces when I tell that that I'm actually six months along. I was so nervous to be in a bar, though. It was pretty low key, but I was still paranoid that someone was going to bump in to me or accidentally spill alcohol in my water or something.

Adam finally felt the babe kick. She kicks a lot, some nights more than others. It's still so surreal to me. I think I might even miss being pregnant. But the downside is I've started to experience what everyone else has seemed to experience; heartburn. I don't really have it during the day when I'm sitting upright or standing, but I can pretty much guarantee if I eat anything remotely acidic within an hour or two of going to bed I'm going to need to take a couple tums. I've actually had heartburn multiple times before I was pregnant, and what I've been having now that I'm pregnant is more of acid reflux. It's less painful than heartburn, and just more of a discomfort. It's gotten progressively worse the last couple days. I found myself taking about 4 or 5 tums yesterday, ugh.

Still sleeping great, though. Belly button is still an innie, and still no significant food cravings. It's hard to tell, though, since I've always had a sweet tooth. I definitely have shifted gears a little bit; I've noticed I am a little more turned away by any type of meat and a little more focused on carbs, especially sweet sugary carbs. It makes me miss being able to really workout at the gym. I still go about twice a week, but I just get too short of breath/cramped if I'm on the treadmill or elliptical longer than a half hour. Adam still prompts me to do my pregnancy exercises, which is good. Yesterday I kept getting pains on my right side to I took it really easy.

I just started to think last night how, luckily for Adam, I haven't really been moody lately. Turns out I'm not the pregnantzilla I thought I might be. Thankfully I don't have any stress in my life so I don't really have anything to get irrationally moody about.

This is the week that I've started to feel really huge. It's harder to put on shoes and socks and all my regular clothes have no chance of fitting right now. I even had to borrow one of Adam's shirts to wear to the gym. I don't want to buy much more maternity clothes, though. I still feel like I have a lot. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'll work hard this spring to get back into shape.

We are having Thanksgiving at our place this year! I just did some menu planning with my mom, it should be a really fun new experience. We also talked about going black friday shopping (I've never been!) but Adam is worried people are gonna bump into my belly and hurt me since they get so crazy. But nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the go-ahead to start doing christmas-y stuff! Can't wait!

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