Monday, May 27, 2013

12 Weeks

Mira is 12 weeks today!

Favorite things:
-Being held
-Bathtime. She is officially a splasher! It's so much fun now. We have moved her bathtub from the top of the sink to the tub in my bathroom because of how much water was getting splashed out.
-Trying to put anything and everything in her month
-Her blankie
-Blowing bubbles with her mouth
-Funny noises we make with our mouths
-Looking in the mirror - even more than before. She now giggles and talks to herself
-Looking outside. If she is ever fussing, all we have to do is put her by the window so she can see outside and she will stop 98% of the time. Her head is then moving in all directions at 100 mph looking at everything, which we think is so cute.
-Her toys. She is starting to get into them a little more, and she is VERY grabby.
-Grabbing fingers, hair, shirts, boobs, ya know. I think I even have scratches on my chest from her digging her nails into me. I have also been filing her nails almost daily! She still manages to claw me.
-Pulling her blankie(s) over her head. It's fine when she does that with her little baby blanket because it's thin and breathable, but it worries me when she does that with the thick blankets. We will only put them at her feet but she still manages to pull it up past her head.
-Raspberries on her tummy (or zerberts as Adam calls them)
-Watching tv. Literally anything.

Things she doesn't like
-Sitting in the bumbo. She will spend the entire time sitting in the bumbo trying to escape. It's actually kinda funny.
-Not having someone by her side while playing
-Did I mention she is high maintenance?

We haven't even tried swaddling Mira for several weeks now, since she would just bust out of them anyways. She doesn't really need to be swaddled, though, since she falls asleep pretty easily when it's time.

She is also still rolling over. She's done it several times now, yay!

Closing off with a picture of Mira helping mommy blog :)


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