Monday, May 20, 2013

11 weeks, Back to work/Pumping!

Little Mira Sage is 11 weeks, and oh so much fun. She is smiling so big and laughing and making more cute babbling noises. Her smile is so genuine and happy it basically brings tears to my eyes. Last week, she rolled over! Yay! She is such an active baby for a 2 month old. One of her favorite things to do is walk around with someone's assistance. She even has the footsteps down right. I have a feeling this one will be hitting a lot of early milestones.

I started work again. So far, so good. I was basically just worried about pumping. I have two windows without any blinds/drapes so I was worried about how I would cover them up, I was worried about what to put on the door so people wouldn't walk in, I was worried about the pump being loud and I would feel embarrassed, and I was worried about what clothes to wear; do I have to wear nursing tank tops everyday or should I dress normal and just lift up my whole top? Well I solved the window problem by taping pieces of paper to it, I simply wrote "Please do not disturb: come back in 15 minutes" on a piece of paper for my door, I brought a blanket to put over the pump to muffle the sound, and I wore normal clothes with a nursing bra and just lifted up my whole shirt. I have a cute little cooler to put the breastmilk in, I have Medela quick clean wipes to wipe off the parts (even though there's a full kitchen 2 feet away from my office), and my Medela tote bag to put everything in (including extra membranes, milk storage bags, etc.). I went to work a half hour early thinking I needed that extra time to settle in and set up the breast pump, but I really didn't need to. I do love being able to come home and be with Mira before 4:00 though. I'm lucky I don't have to work at a job that stays until 5 or later, that'd be less time with baby!

Also, my milk supply is back up where it used to be. I get about 6 oz. each session, which is 2.5 more ounces than Mira drinks, so exclusively pumping during the day is actually pretty efficient. I started drinking mother's milk tea last week, and it took about 2 days for the supply to shoot back up to normal. I am so happy about it. It does make it hard when I can't go see a movie without getting engorged breasts half way through, but I won't complain. I'd obviously rather have that happen than not have enough.

I feel so lucky to be able to have my sister nanny. This means I don't have to get Mira ready in the morning to take anywhere. Adam sometimes has mornings off, too, so he can always get her ready for the day as well.


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