Monday, May 13, 2013

10 weeks

Mira is 10 weeks today. Double digits, tear.

Night time is getting to be a lot easier. She will usually only get up once around 2:30 am to eat. Then at around 7:30 she's up for the day. Lucky for me, she plays for about an hour and then takes a 2 hour nap, so I usually get a nap in too :). She's becoming progressively more vocal and laughs and smiles more and more each day. She has also become a good scooter when she lays on her tummy. There's been days where she has been napping and I walk away for 5 minutes and she has managed to scoot 2 feet forward. She even does it in her sleep. Adam thinks she'll be crawling at 5 months. 

Favorite things: looking in the mirror, being on her changing table- especially after a poopy diaper change, bathtime, looking out the window, being on her activity mat, and her favorite thing ever is when Adam & I make noises with our mouths 

Mira's still exclusively breastfed even after this drop in my milk supply. Thankfully it has been slowly creeping back up. Basically what the LC said was that I have just enough milk right now but Mira is getting too frustrated to suck it all out because it's taking more work than before. So I have to pump after every feeding. Pumping after every feeding is exhausting. Exhausting for the boobs (it's like attaching a vacuum cleaner to your chest) and just mentally exhausting. I get so frustrated every time. When I pumped before, I could get 4 oz. out even after I fed Mira, and I didn't even drain the breast.  Now I wish I would've taken advantage of that and pumped after every feeding back then. It's safe to say I have nostalgia of the first 8 weeks. I miss waking up in the middle of the night with engorged breasts, I miss having to make Mira slow down since the milk came out so fast, and I miss her getting "milk drunk" with milk dripping off her pouty little lip. What a weird thing to miss. I am just hoping and waiting for the day that the supply gets back to where it was. 

Yesterday was my first mother's day. On the bright side, I got to spend it with just Mira alone because Adam worked from 10 to about 7. On the not so bright side, Adam literally forgot it was mother's day until an hour after he got to work, in which he sent me a happy mother's day text. Granted, it was a sweet text, but I was sulking all day because he didn't do anything special for me. He did end up bringing home a card (and bdubs takeout) at 8:00 that night, but I'm still pretty bummed out that I didn't get any special gifts or gestures. Maybe I'm being superficial, but it's unlike him to fail to make me feel special. Sigh, over it. 

Post pregnancy progress: I've worked out about 5 times now and it didn't take me very long to get back to where I was as far as workouts go. I hit the gym hard at just the second visit. I sometimes worry about my milk supply suffering, so I make sure to take in a lot of calories, darn ;). I'm still 6 or 7 pounds away from pre-prego weight, and that's okay with me. I'm sure it'll shed off soon enough. 


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