Tuesday, May 5, 2015

15 Things To Be Happy About Today

The happiest people aren't the ones with the nicest things, the most friends, or the most power. The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude for what they have. They simply focus on what they have vs what they don't have.

This isn't rocket science. Most of you probably knew that. But it's also something people tend to forget.

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded.

1. Waking up in a warm, cozy bed. Especially on a chilly morning. And even more so in the winter when you look at your smart phone with utter surprise that it's -17 degrees out. This is more than shelter, this is cozy and luxurious. You are living like a king no matter what you think.

2. Having people around you that are wiser, more talented, and more educated than you. This means you have the chance to learn from them.

3. Cooking whatever dinner you want to (within your talents, ha!). This not only means you can give yourself or your family a nutritious meal, but cooking is love. You are showing a deep love in the language of food for whoever you cook for.

4. Listening to a song that brings back a happy memory. And the fact that you have happy memories.

5. New relationships forming. Professional relationships, friendships, romantic relationships. They are all exciting new territories. All a learning process. And all require you to explore your own vulnerabilities as well as someone else's.

6. Your significant other WANTS to make you happy. And will do whatever is in their power to do so.

7. To your child, you are their hero. They think you can do anything and everything. If it feels like they are asking too much of you, it is only because they hold you in the highest regard.

8. To take a nap while it's raining with the window cracked open. And to know that you and all your belongings will be kept warm, dry, and safe.

9. Smiling. Whether it's you smiling at someone or someone smiling at you, you have the ability to share a pleasant interaction with a simple look. Sometimes it makes your day, sometimes it makes others'.

10. You have hobbies. Or if you don't you could start one any time you wanted. What are you waiting for?

11. Beautiful, intricate nature. Flowers, greenery, hills, mountains, streams, oceans, tall healthy trees. The sound of birds chirping in the morning, the sound of crickets at night.

12. The sun. The feeling of it warming your shoulders. And that gorgeous time of day, about a couple hours before dusk, where it gleams off of rooftops. Where everything turns golden, including your eyes; like mini sunsets.

13. Either you know your purpose in life or you're working on finding it. It's an amazing journey.

14. Someone somewhere WANTS and NEEDS exactly what you have to offer. There are things you can offer that no one else in the entire world can deliver as well as you.

15. You are alive. You can't change your beginning, but you can change how your story ends. And for each day you are alive, you are writing that story. 


  1. So true! Gratitude is so important- even for the little things! (Right now, I'm feeling particularly grateful for a nice cup of coffee!)

    1. Haha oh my gosh I'm so thankful for coffee too!

  2. I love all of these ideas. Being grateful for the things we have and not worrying about the things we don't have is something that I tell my children every day.

    1. Good! I'm so glad my parents instilled that in me.

  3. I was in a training last week where they were talking about how to be more productive and showed a TED talk from Shawn Achor. He talks about beginning each day with gratitude - for 21 days, if you list 3 new things you are grateful for - you retrain your brain to scan for the positive rather than the negative. I put together a weekly gratitude list, but I think for a little while I need to do daily.

    Stopping by from Sharefest

    1. I was actually thinking of doing that! Buying a pretty little notebook and writing them down in that :)

  4. I needed something to be happy about today! Reminders of the things we can be grateful for restores perspective. Thanks!

  5. Ah thank you. Somedays I struggle to find anything good when I'm in a funk, which is ridiculous. This is a wonderful list! Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday, and hope to see you again next week!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to stop by! :)


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