Monday, November 4, 2013

8 months! / 35 weeks

Another awkward pose of our non-stop moving munchkin

Insert another cliche "time flies" line here. 

Mira has always been a mover and a shaker and I don't think she will ever slow down. EVEN when she is sick. She has had a bad cold for a week and a half and we decided to take her to the doctor today. Apparently she has an ear infection in one ear and the infection is almost moving to the other ear. The doc also thought she might have a sinus infection too, so she prescribed some antibiotics. Mira honestly hasn't acted any different besides getting up more often during the night (probably because her nose is so congested she can't breathe). We have really made use of Boogie Wipes, her humidifier, and infant tylenol. What a trooper she's been, though. 

Height: 27.25 inches
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz
Feeding: Breastfed about 7 times a day + about 4 oz. of solids daily (breakfast and dinner, sometimes lunch). 1/3 of it is rice or oatmeal cereal and the other 2/3 is fruits and vegetables. 
Sleeping: Not good lately because of her cold. Getting up every 3 hours in the middle of the night, it sucks... She is pretty consistent with her 7:30 am wakeup time though. 
Clothes size: Nothings changed since she obviously hasn't gained much weight; still 6 months and some 6-9 months. 
Diaper size: 2
Development: First and foremost; she is dancing now. It's my favorite! Adam gets worried because he thinks she looks like she's twerking or shaking her butt too much. I'm pretty sure all babies dance that way though. She's constantly standing against a piece of furniture reaching for whatever may be near by. We love the look of determination she gets when she spots something she shouldn't have and immediately starts speed crawling towards it. She also gets separation anxiety from me. Total mama's girl. 

Since Adam has tattoos for Mira, I decided to get myself this:

Photo dump of Mira lately:


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