Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mira got her first tooth :)

Sometime on Wednesday Mira got her first tooth! Granted, she will not let me look at it whatsoever, but I can feel it and I'm so excited! She has just one so far and I'm sure the second bottom one is working its way out soon. The last few nights have been hell, though. Not only was she teething but she's had a cold for three weeks and can barely breathe out of her nose. So those two things meshed together mean she has been waking up like 5 times a night. Her cry has never been this bad, not even as a newborn. We've been giving her tylenol, ibuprofen, teething tablets, frozen teething rings, you name it. Once she wakes up it can take up to 2 hours (actually last night I think it was 3) to calm her down and get her to sleep. It's come down to having her co-sleep with me a couple times, which only lasted maybe an hour before she woke up screaming in pain. At least she's fine during the day! Something about laying down must really hurt that tooth?

Proud mom moment of the week: We put Mira in her snugamonkey (we almost never do anymore) and she has learned how to rock herself by shifting her weight back and forth. Probably means she's a little too old for it and we should pack it away.

Proud dad moment of the week: Mira managed to take an 8 pound weight off my weight rack and tried to roll it around. Of course Adam was loving it.


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