Thursday, October 18, 2012

22 Weeks

Today I am 22 weeks! Feeling LOTS of baby movement lately, it is exciting. Adam can't feel kicking from the outside though, so I presume that's soon to come.

So far I still don't really have any of the negative pregnancy side effects, and I feel lucky. Not even any cravings!

I love when my coworkers want to talk about all the pregnancy stuff at work, it's so fun and exciting. So far I have finished registering for the baby, scrapbook is in progress, and nursery will be started soon. I just want to buy everything all right now, but Adam keeps telling me I have to wait, because I might be getting a lot of the stuff I need at the baby shower. I have no patience though! If it was up to me the nursery would be almost done by now. I've definitely been looking at different ideas online, though. I have the crib picked out, and I think I have the bedding set picked out.

I feel like since everything in the pregnancy is going so smoothly that it sounds boring! I sleep well, I don't ache anywhere, my clothes mostly still fit, no swelling, heartburn, etc.

22 Weeks from front and then side:


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