Thursday, October 25, 2012

23 Weeks

I am 23 weeks today and feeling great. So far I've gained about 14 pounds, and the difference from last week's belly and this week's is huge! Over the last couple days it really expanded in size. I am now officially showing in practically anything I'm wearing. I'm guessing strangers who don't know I'm pregnant might still suspect I have a beer belly/pot belly. There's also been lots of movement going on and I'm loving it! Adam still can't feel from the outside, though.

Last weekend the whole family, including the dog, was in town and stayed at our condo. It's always fun to have everyone over.

This weekend Adam and I are going to the cities for a "babymoon" getaway. We're going to hit up mall of america and possibly do some baby shopping, and we're staying in a hotel downtown so we'll end up going to a couple restaurants/clubs/bars down there. I told him we have to make it to the cheesecake factory!

So far sleep and energy are both going really great. I make it to the gym about once a week and try to take breaks from my desk and take a little walk around. Still no food cravings, but a number of things are really unappetizing to me. I'm definitely not one of those women who pig out during their pregnancy.

I'm liking the second trimester! Hope everything continues to go smoothly. And now the 23 week belly picture (definitely a difference between last week and this week!):


  1. i know... i'm pretty sure today marks the "day people's eyes start wandering towards my stomach" day.

  2. Wow! You are really growing from just a week ago when we were there!


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