Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Adjusting my expectations

As we are embarking on being Out of The Woods with the pandemic, I was thinking about what I believe the key to happiness is: the ability to adjust your expectations. It’s kind of another way of saying “cultivate optimism”. My family can attest it is essentially my mantra; “adjust your expectations”, along with “be agile”. 

And yes, the pandemic taught me that there are a *lot* of people out there that are not well adjusted. Throwing tantrums and constant anger about having to adjust to new rules, a new normal. I’m patting myself and everyone on the back that handled everything with grace, with a smile. Even if the smile was sometimes forced or through tears. Those of us that were malleable, agile, and adaptable are what set apart the happy folks from the unhappy ones. And I made it through this pandemic almost scot-free (not even a single covid scare for us or the kids!)......until I lost my job. 

I loved that job through and through all those years; it checked every one of my “boxes”. It was good to me and I never ever took it for granted. I learned a lot, grew a lot, and gave a lot. This is, I guess, another chance for me to adjust my expectations, to cultivate optimism. 

Now I feel like I’m left with the ending of a beautiful book. One where I was so invested in the characters, the plot, the setting, and despite having a happy ending; it still ended. Just like that. And all I could do is sit with the grief of it being over. And of course, use it as a launching point to start something new. 

There might not be anymore chapters, but I’m onto the sequel now. I’m onto investing in new characters, a new plot, a new scene. Sometimes the writers make the sequels better. I hope that’s the case.

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