Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mira is 3!

Mira turned 3 on Friday and we had a little party at our house for her. She had so much fun, but most of all she got to enjoy tons of sweets. She's obsessed with candy, so we turned it into a birthday week. Lucky. I wish I still got birthday weeks.

Height: 86th percentile
Weight: 32 lbs, 66th percentile
Sleeping: Sleeps through the night, typically from 9PM to 7:30-8AM
Eating: Besides snacking on fruit, pretzels, yogurt, and string cheese, she lives off of chicken, peanut butter sandwiches, and cheese sandwiches. Extremely picky. Sometimes she'll eat spaghetti or mac and cheese, but she has to be in the right "mood".
Bathroom: Has been completely toilet trained for a little over month now and is able to wear underwear to bed because she stays dry. She uses public restrooms, porta potties, stranger's bathrooms, everything. We started this process last August and hit lots of rough patches, but she's finally got it down for good. We're really proud! 
Books: She has too many favorites, but currently loves the little mini board books, ballerina stories (Talulah), and loves to check out new ones from the library. 
Shows: Current favorite is Galaias my Big Big Friend
Play: Loves her cat piano, her ride-on car (she got that for pooping in the public toilet for the first time), anything princess, dancing, painting, coloring with markers, lugging her dolls around in shopping carts and strollers, and her new trike.
Skills: She memorizes books (though some think she might be actually reading them), uses chairs to reach things she wants after we've told her no, have I mentioned her memory is a steel trap? She's a great storyteller, does jigsaw puzzles, draws specific shapes, knows all her colors of course, skips, and gallops!

Happy birthday Mira!


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