Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Currently: Mira

Reading: Tallulah books, Christmas books, Big Green Monster, Air (a scientific book about air), Dr. Seuss, Where's My Mom?, No! David + other David books

Watching: Daniel the Tiger, Mickey's Christmas movies, Galaias My Big Big Friend, Tinkerbell movies, Justin Time

Activities: Blocks, playing "baby", where she pretends to be an infant, cooking in her kitchen, tag, hide and seek, watercolor painting, coloring with markers, puzzles, organizing things by color, singing songs, dancing, playing with trains at the bookstore, digging for dinosaur bones at the children's museum

Favorite stuffed animals: Her puppy Sophie, her other puppy, "Rexy" her pink dinosaur, her teddy bear, and now my old doll

Cute sayings: "Mommy! Daddy! I wake up!" when she gets up for the morning or from a nap. "But you have to!" when she wants us to do something. "I want 1-2-3 of us" when she wants mom AND dad to be home. "Stop saying stuff!" when she wants us to stop talking, yeah she's a sass.

Loves: Her new pre-school (we love it too), Santa, the "blue playground" near our neighborhood, getting her nails painted, smoothies, brushing her own teeth


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