Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mira Lately

She's growing up. She really is. I can talk to her, as in have actual conversations. She often will say "what do you mean?" or "what's that?" but she can conversate, man can she conversate.

She asks me to put her in a dress so she can be "pretty". I always tell her "you're always pretty" and she responds, "I'm always pretty?" I know she thinks dress is a synonym for "pretty", but I want her to know she's always pretty. She gets the biggest smile on her face once I put that dress on her. She then proceeds to twirl around, grabbing the bottom of the dress and throwing it clockwise.

She opens the fridge up, that little one, and takes out whatever snack she wants. She knows better (most of the time) than to eat snacks without asking. There was one time where she took a box of crackers into her play tent and devoured a majority of it. I couldn't even be mad, I was impressed. 

Either I'm just an amateur at being a mom or she has the energy of 3 kids put together, because I feel like a mom of 3 when I go out in public with her. Not quite able to catch up, not quite able to multitask anything, not quite able to catch a breath. Oh and I lose my cool sometimes. I didn't think I'd be the mom that yells. But when Mira is heading for the street and I know there's a car coming, the fire breathing dragon yelling mom comes out. 

She's loving to "cook" food for us. And loves to watch when we cook her food. Food is the common love language in this house. "I made you some eggs!" She'll say. "Come eat some. Do you want coffee?" And I'll say, "sure!". 
"We don't have coffee, sweetie" she will respond. Okay then. 

She always sticks up for us, too. If dad is "picking on" (read: flirting with) mom, "you stop it daddy! Are you okay, hunny?" she will say while stroking my face. That little mom. 
"You don't bother him! You need to play nice." Mira scolds me as I fake punch Adam's abs. 

I'm glad Mira is always looking out for us. She is going to make a great big sister some day. 

I'm just trying to soak all these moments in. While it is often chaotic, it's a beautiful, happy time in our lives. I worry that I don't document enough and that I won't remember enough. I have a little leather bound book where I write all the cute and funny things Mira says, endless pictures, daily videos, a scrap book, art projects, and other memoirs, yet it seems like I don't have enough. I want to take every part of every moment with me, but I can't. There will be moments I forget that will be gone forever and I need to let it go. I will continue to fill up my phone with endless GB of Mira media :) 


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