Monday, September 21, 2015

Things Non-Parents Might Frown At...

Okay, sometimes I wonder if other people find my choices annoying. Most of the time, other parents understand. But when a person doesn't have children, or their children are older, they might think I'm crazy. Parenting these days is a lot different than it was years ago. And full disclosure; before I had a kid I got so annoyed of other people's kids. I probably thought every 1 out of 3 parents just did a bad job. Well, I was wrong, and naive.

So here are 4 things that I do that I think non-parents would frown at.

I let her run off a little bit and explore.
Sometimes I hate myself for this, but in the end I know as long as she is within my sight it's okay. She deserves to run around and explore the world around her at her own pace, at her own free will.

I ask her.
I ask her what she wants to eat, if she wants to leave somewhere, if she wants to play with a certain kid, if she wants to share her toys. I ask her if she wants to give someone a hug. I ask her if she wants to give them a high five. Just because she's 2, doesn't mean she doesn't have rights. If by doing this, she will know her boundaries, but create a monster for us, I'm okay with it. I will deal with a strong-willed, "bossy" girl who knows her boundaries and won't let anyone tell her something she doesn't feel right about.

I let her throw tantrums at the store.
My inner self just wants to yell "stop crying!". But she is a toddler. This is part of being a toddler. I still get embarrassed because people do sometimes give awkward looks. But there's no reason to punish her for being upset. I will console her. I will tell her I still love her. But I will not give in and reward her for having a tantrum. And I will not yell at her for it.

Not leaving a restaurant when my kid starts to get obnoxious.
Well, we've already ordered the food, or even have it in front of us. There's no turning back now. There's been times where we've asked to just "box it up" right away so we could cut out, but as our daughter gets older she needs to learn that it doesn't always revolve around her. If she's bored, too bad. She will have to sit and wait until we're done eating. And I'm sorry to the table behind us she keeps turning around to, invading their bubble. I know not everyone thinks it's cute.


Let's hear from you!
What is something that you do or don't do that you feel non-parents might think you're a little wacky?

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  1. I give my daughter a lot of independence, I talk to her about EVERYTHING and your post really resonated with me! She is 17 months old and I let her do a lot of exploring and independent things. People think I am insane, but I let her walk around the grocery store. She helps me look for items that are on my list, helps put things in the basket, pushes the cart, and I give her choices so that she can pick. (Do you want strawberries or blueberries? etc.)


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