Friday, September 4, 2015


Digging: this duvet cover I got for Mira's new toddler bed, the new bieber song, salted caramel brownies, and this new version of Too Faced mascara

Reading: Quit halfway through Girl on the Train and googled the ending. Good twist, I suppose, but I cannot get into fiction novels. I don't know what it is. Now I'm starting The Alchemist.

Watching: Narcos

Happy about: Our vacation in Colorado. It was perfect. Our hearts are full!

Researching: Cultural Appropriation. It's being talked about a lot right now. Especially after Nicki Minaj has spoken on it.

Working on: The organization and decor plan for our new master bedroom. Fun stuff! :)

Excited about: Fall. I hate to be THAT girl, but yeah. Everything about fall is the bomb diggity; from the cool weather & pretty colors to the fun festivities.

Eyeing: This duvet cover from anthropologie. Actually, all the duvet covers from anthropologie. Love updating our bedroom!

Eating: S'mores Quest Bar and homemade cilantro lime rice

Mira playing on her playground built by my manly man :)


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