Monday, September 28, 2015

6 Things Toddler Moms Have Given Up

1. Throw pillows
HA! One big HA. Things that go on table tops and couches and beds all belong on the floor, duh.

2. Centerpieces for coffee tables
See above. And if it doesn't go on the floor, it gets broken. It's more often the latter.

3. Candles
Because, well, burn. Toddlers still have this temptation to do things they are told will hurt them.

4. Shots
Even looking at someone taking a shot makes me want to gag. Something about becoming a mom makes you turned off towards hard alcohol. Give me a glass of wine or a beer any day, though.

5. Nice hair
At first, when my daughter was a newborn, I didn't do my hair because of lack of sleep and lack of seeing anyone in public. Then I didn't do my hair because she was a grabby baby who took it by the fistful and yanked it. Now I don't have nice hair because I don't have time. I rarely wash it, style it, and definitely rarely ever get into a salon.

6. Tidy house
My house is clean, but it's not tidy. I make sure to get all the spills and dust and odors out, but I can't keep up with having it be organized. When your child is constantly taking out new toys and lugging them around, it's like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos. What's the point.

And oh my gosh, could this list be endless. I love my toddler, but they are destructive! 
What things have you given up? 

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