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How To Make Your Kids' Clothes Stretch Down To Their Siblings

There's a lot of different avenues of style that moms go for their kids. Some like the twee southern frilly look (puke), some like the brightly colored Carter's sets, and some like to dress their kids like a straight up adult (I dig that). These are just a few of the style choices, but I choose to cherry pick different pieces from different styles and stores.

Mira doesn't have siblings, but that doesn't mean I don't have them in the back of my mind while purchasing clothes for her. Someday she will have a brother or sister who I would like to dress with many of Mira's old clothes. If she has a brother, I will have to get rid of all her dresses and pink outfits, but a lot of clothes are gender neutral and that's not by accident.

I not only think about gender, but I think about "will this be too dated in 4-5 years?" I try to keep clothes classic and timeless so my next child won't look like they just stepped out of a time machine.

Rule #1

Top & Bottoms: Target Black converse: gifted

Don't buy outfits as a set. Buying a top with coordinating bottoms confines you to only being able to wear those bottoms with that certain top. And chances are, that set is either a strong girl outfit or a strong boy outfit, not anywhere in between. Mix and match pieces so you know they will match with other items. 

Rule #2

High Five T: gifted Daddy's girl necklace: Groopdealz

Don't buy both a girly top AND girly bottom. If you like to buy a lot of flower printed leggings, get a lot of neutral colored t-shirts. I like greys, blacks, and whites. Or visa versa; if you like blue polos for your little boy, stick with simple straight legged jeans to go with it. 

Rule #3

Scarf: etsy Jacket: Old Navy Moccasins: Happy & The Hectic

Don't be afraid to get entire outfits that are gender neutral. For girls, you can always dress it up with headbands/hair bows, pretty shoes, or other accessories.

Rule #4

Striped Sweatshirt: Carter's Jeans: GAP

Keep it tame with the patterns and designs. Stripes, for example, are pretty timeless and won't go out of style. Loud colors and designs aren't as easily transferrable from generation to generation.

Still, don't forget to have fun dressing your little girls in pretty sundresses and making your little boys look in dapper flannels & vests every once in a while! 
What's your favorite gender neutral outfit piece?


  1. Wow! Great post! As a momma of 4 these tips will definitely come in hand! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I feel like sharing clothes among 4 kids is even more of a necessity!

  2. Great tips to really make them stretch. I had 3 girls first so we ended up with a lot of girl clothes then when we had my boy I had hardly anything to pass on. Then there are those few pieces that all 5 of kids have been able to wear and it's kind of fun.

    1. Part of me knows when we have our next kid, if it is a girl I will have excitement over passing down her clothes!

  3. Great tips. I have three kids, so it's always good to pass down clothes.

  4. Great tips. I have three kids, so it's always good to pass down clothes.

  5. I love this! And great tips! We do wardrobe capsules in my house to keep my ever growing toddler's clothing collection under control. I keep pieces that I love and are gender neutral like you just in case we have a girl next.

    1. What's a wardrobe capsule? Am I just out of the loop?

  6. What great advice!! Clothes are so expensive and they grow out of them so fast!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  7. Great ideas! I got so many hand-me-downs from my older sister when I was little. :)
    xo, Caitlin
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