Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Liebster Award Nomination

Okay. So I was nominated for this almost 2 months ago and just didn't get around to completing the post because I didn't know which 10 blogs to choose to nominate and I couldn't think of 10 new questions to ask

But anyways, yes. I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Happy Mama Tales (thank you!), which is an award for small bloggers (under 1,000 subscribers). It's a cool way for us bloggers to get to know each other and recognize each others' work. 

10 facts about me:

1. I'm deathly afraid of spiders but love nature. So I just appreciate it from as much of a distance as I can. 
2. I was a figure skater and hockey player in high school
3. My dream vacation is to travel around Europe, specifically Greece (though I might not want to right now!), Italy, and Austria.
4. I'm terrified of death. Especially now with my daughter. I even hesitate to let people drive her anywhere and definitely hold her hand a little too tight crossing the street.
5. My dream someday is to run my own business from home. (Marie Forleo, you are my idol!)
6. I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Education and am passionate about all things health. I am a tad bit nutty or "crunchy" with what we buy for food, what we use for body care products and natural remedies, etc. I feel most content when I make things from scratch. 
7. I go about 5 days without washing my hair, partly because I'm lazy, partly because it's healthier not to, but mostly because it's too time consuming because it's so thick, long, and curly.
8. I workout 4-5 days a week and mostly lift weights. 
9. I am a true optimist. The kind of optimist that goes "well at least I learned something about myself in the process." when a webpage malfunctions and shuts down after I spent an hour typing out information. (After cursing a couple times first, of course). 
10. I'm an INFP. I'm very introverted and intuitive. I feel emotions too deeply and am naturally so unorganized it's not even funny. But the optimist in me has come to love myself for it.


Britni's 11 Questions for me: 

1. What motivates me more than anything else? 1. My boyfriend, Adam and our daughter, Mira. I want to be the best version of myself for them because they deserve it. And 2. Competition. I try not to show it but I want to be the best at whatever I do. I take survival of the fittest very seriously.

2. Am I a mama's girl or a daddy's girl? It depends on the month, seriously. I think overall I've been a daddy's girl since I was young just because we are so alike in many ways. But as I get older I have become more friends with my mom.

3. If you could wake up one morning and have one thing different, what would it be? That's a pretty loaded question, and the list could be a mile long. I would have to say that no children would be hurt in any way. It kills me to see and hear physical or verbal abuse being done to small children. Kills me.

4. Do you have siblings? Tell us about them. Yes. I have 3 siblings; a brother and 2 sisters.

5. Favorite person to be with. Adam or Mira. Hands down.

6. What type of music makes you the happiest? EDM and indie. Yet I've still never been to Coachella!! And also, whenever I listen to Ellie Goulding's album, Halcyon, I am taken down memory lane of when I was pregnant with Mira and get happy feels. Do I have to even mention that this caused me to fall in love with the movie Divergent? 

7. Do you prefer to be inside or outside? Outside. But since I live in MN, I'd have to say inside for wintertime. 

8. If someone really important was coming over to your house and you had just enough time to either (a) clean your very messy house, or (b) get ready after a very sweaty workout; which would you choose? Definitely a little of both. I always do when someone comes over ;)

9. What is your bedtime routine? I always stay up later than I intend to and what usually prompts me to start getting ready is Adam saying "are you ready to go to bed?" a few (or a thousand) times. I change into pajamas, wash my face and brush my teeth, plug in my iphone, and clean up the kitchen a little (because it drives me crazy to wake up to a messy kitchen!)

10. What is your comfort food? Who makes it the best? Muffins, cookies, chocolate, anything sweet with tons of carbs. I love hitting up local bakeries in town for this stuff! My favorite bakery here in town is How Sweet It Is!

11. As a child, what did you always dream about? {Location, occupation, lifestyle…} I used to want to be a professional figure skater, then a little later, a singer. I dreamed about walking down the red carpet and being interviewed by the media asking me how I managed to reach all my goals. 

I nominate:
Hen Family
Mommy Mailbox
The Quinntessential Mommy
Just Us & The Babes
Daily Dose of Design
Because I Said So
Lilly and Lemons
Bye Comparison
Kyra Faulkner

10 Questions for you guys!

1. What made you want to start blogging?

2. What are you reading right now? Or if not anything, what would you recommend?

3. What is your main goal you wish to accomplish within the next year?

4. What are your top two blogging goals to accomplish within the next year?

5. On what kind of computer or device do you do your blogging?

6. What's your favorite genre of music?

7. Do you work? What's your job?

8. What's your dream job?

9. If you got to hire someone to take on one daily task for you, what would it be? 

10. If you won the million dollar jackpot, what would you do with the money?

Rules: You don't have to accept the nomination or make a post, especially if you've already been nominated before. But if you do decide to, remember the rule of 10: Answer my 10 questions, tag 10 new bloggers, then make 10 new questions of your own. Include the Liebster Award button in the post.

Don't forget to recognize the blogger who nominated you (me :D)! 

Thank you and have fun!


  1. #9 made me laugh out loud. That's a great quality to have :)

  2. I love getting to know bloggers better through these!

  3. So great to get to know the person behind the blog. I like how you gave 11 facts, plus answered the questions too. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. i can SO relate to #1! That's exactly me. And how fun that you used to figure skate! My husband used to work at a rink back when we were dating and I'd love to watch them practice. (I also love watching the competitions!) Thank you so much for sharing these! :)

  5. I relate to #7! Michigan doesn't get as bad as Minnesota, but it still gets pretty bad...
    xo, Caitlin
    And Possibly Dinosaurs


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