Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Salon Quality Hair Care Made For Kids: SoCozy Review

I think it's important to teach kids the importance of self care. And it's important to use good quality products with high quality ingredients. And even better; when the product is fun to use and smells amazing. 

SoCozy started out as a children's hair salon in NYC on Madison Avenue. Customers were raving about the products they used, so Cozy (yes that's her real name), the owner, made the products available for the public to purchase - the first ever professional line of hair care for kids. 

c/o SoCozy

The first thing I did when I opened up this package was smell allll the products. You can just tell by looking at them that they're going to smell amazing. And they did. I mean, I would (and might have) use them on myself.

As if bathtime wasn't fun already, these products make things even more fun! Besides smelling delicious, the shampoos are extra sudsy and a little bit goes a long way. I find comfort in knowing they're non-toxic, and free of: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic color.

They even have products made specifically for lice: prevention and cure. Luckily we don't have this problem yet but I will keep them in mind if we ever do. 

My top 2 favorites: 

The cinch 2+1 shampoo and body wash. I like the fruity "guav-o-rama" smell and I love the way it lathers on Mira's hair. There's no conditioner in it but her hair is still tangle free and shiny. It contains keratin to protect hair, silk proteins to add shine, hops extract as an anti-bacterial effect, aloe leaf extract to soothe the scalp, kiwi, and other natural ingredients. 

My other favorite is the peachy-keen styling mousse. I use it for those mornings where Mira's bed-head is just so bad that nothing can fix it (which is a lot). I just use a dab of this mousse and her curls are cute and bouncy again and now she smells peachy :) 

SoCozy is a great up and coming product and is now available at Target! 


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