Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Perfumes That Don't Suck

Being in my mid-twenties, I have always felt like there's only a small amount of perfume scents that were appropriate for me. I'm too old for extremely fruity or cheap scents, and I feel too young to wear strong floral scents (smells church perfumey to me). As I start exploring more perfumes, that becomes less true. There are a lot of good ones out there that are perfect, you just have to do some digging.

About 3-4 years ago I tried Viva la Juicy and fell in love. I wore it every single day and the bottle lasted years. It's a light, sweet, little bit floral, and flirty scent. Adam then got me the Viva la Juicy - Noir version for Christmas last year and it is very similar, almost exactly the same, just a tad bit sweeter. I have to say the exclusivity has worn off since I first bought it; even my brother had told me with a little bit of distaste as I was walking by, "that smell you're wearing is what every girl wears." He's probably right. I'll still wear it, but I try and switch it up a bit here and there.

This is my favorite right now! It's very classic. Think Chanel No. 5 with a tad more sweetness. It's very subtle and to me, just brings out my pheromones more.

Don't be fooled by this dark, mysterious looking bottle. It is very feminine and sweet and chic and flirty. Basically it's delicious!

This is very captivating. It's girly, but not overpowering, and not in a florally way; in a beachy way. Definitely something you could wear everyday, especially summertime!

 VERY seductive. This is for classy ladies. I'd say it's a lot more floral than the rest. Pair this with some red lipstick and heels and you've got the complete package!

WARNING: If you buy any of these, prepare to get compliments! 

But seriously, does anyone have any other recommendations? I'm ALWAYS up for a new scent!


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