Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My guy

Mother's day and Father's day are so awkward once you become a parent. I feel like I should be glorifying my dad like I always have, but now Adam is a dad to my child and I really want the day to be about him. Same with mother's day. I am now equally sharing the "best mom ever" role with my mom. Okay that's not that awkward. That's kind of cool.

I feel like whatever I do for Adam on father's day doesn't do him justice. There's never enough words to tell him how great he is. Never enough gifts I can give him.

How is he able to come up with such sweet words on the fly? Whether they are original or movie quote compilations that he's paraphrasing, they're always genuine. I need an entire day to articulate how I feel about him after writing it down on paper and reciting it in my head.

Sometimes I have to stop and just pause for a moment and reflect on where our relationship is at and where we started. 

It was a double kegger at his house my sophomore year of college. He told me I had cool shoes and the rest is history.

Six and a half years later, he's almost a whole new man. He makes Mira laugh by making himself look as dorky as possible, he does everything in his power to give Mira what she wants and needs without spoiling her too much, he is our rock physically and emotionally. He picks up pieces where he shouldn't have to. And I know Mira will grow up knowing what kind of love she deserves. She sees how much Adam loves and takes care of both of us and will know that's how her love story should be someday too.

We have come so far and I am nothing but excited to see his role as a parent blossom even more as Mira gets older. We love you! Thanks for being our hero. Cheers to all the other great dads out there! There's nothing more attractive than a good dad. 


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