Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: 5 on Friday

My top five favorite random things lately: 


We don't have these for Mira, but I would love to get them! They're adorable and high quality.


Thee. best. facewash. I've ever tried. It exfoliates your face like I've never seen before with these micro crystals. I am actually glowing after I wash my face with this. You can't find anything like this at the drugstore, people, I've tried!



They're everywhere right now. Flower shops, the farmer's market, Home Depot, you name it. I just want to buy THEM ALL. They give me happy feels.


These cupcakes for Father's Day

These are adorable! You can find the candy rocks here: 

Candy Rocks - Pebbles 1lb Bag


Watercolor sidewalk chalk

These were a random find at Target. Mira loves her chalk! Definitely something we have to keep outside because we are in the stage where she likes to draw on walls, the floor, her toys, herself, everything. A few of her dolls have mustaches now, so there's that. 

Happy Friday!


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