Thursday, April 2, 2015

Must Reads: 5 Gut-wrenching Stories from Mom Blogs That Will Leave You In Tears


Delighted To Be:
Baby Amelia's Story/Anencephaly
Alie knew throughout her entire pregnancy with Amelia that the baby would have a 0% survival rate due to Anencephaly. Yet she chose to not terminate the pregnancy for religious reasons. She wrote about her pregnancy from the day she found out about the anencephaly up until the day Amelia died.  Alie's story shows how much courage and strength she has. She amazed me, truly. 


Baby Boy Bakery:
Land Mines
Jacqui and her husband Dan had an adorable red curly haired son named Ryan. He was 3 years old. One week he was having the time of his life at Disney Land and the next week he was gone. He was tragically hit by a truck while playing out in the yard at his cousins house. This hit home since I have a child who is a year and a half younger. After about a year of Ryan gone, Jacqui and Dan still do a beautiful job of keeping Ryan's spirit alive and constantly doing things in remembrance of him. 


Casey Wiegand
Casey has had 3 miscarriages. And her other 3 children were all in NICU after they were born. She's been through more than she can handle, but she is a wonderful mom. And such an inspiration.


Enjoying The Small Things: Kelle Hampton
Nella Cordelia Birth Story
Kelle had the perfect life and expected nothing but more perfection during her second pregnancy with Nella. Little did Kelle know, her idea of perfection was going to be challenged. Her whole world turned upside down the day Nella was born with Down's Syndrome. She soon realized that it wasn't the end of the world, it meant her world was expanding. She writes in the most authentic and uplifting way, her whole blog is a must read!

The One In A Million Baby
Not the post I wanted to write
This New Zealand mama decided if her child were found to have Down's Syndrome in her ultrasound, she would terminate the pregnancy because her and the father didn't think they could handle raising a child with that. Ironically, the baby wasn't found to have Down's Syndrome, but was born with much more rare and debilitating birth defects. The more you read about her story, the more your heart will break, yet she has so much courage it will make your lack of courage more apparent. If you navigate around her site you will find that not only did her and the father split up while staying in the hospital, but the baby, Eva, has recently passed away at almost one year old.


  1. Thanks for this! Pinning to read for later. Because I'll probably feel like eating some raw cookie dough and crying my eyes out at some later point in the week. :)

    1. That is a good idea :) These strong women are so courageous for telling their stories.


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