Thursday, March 5, 2015

Things I Learned This Week | 5 Things

1. My city is a terrible market for housing. 
Our lease is up the end of May. We are looking for a decent house or townhome that isn't a ran down "college kid friendly" party house, but one that also doesn't cost $2000 a month to rent. It's like there's no in between.

2. Once your kid is two, it is frowned upon if they go on a (playful) yelling spree at the library.
I realized today I need to start getting her spirited personality under control. It's starting to not be cute anymore when she is loud in public. I remember when people oogled over Mira doing, well, shenanigans I guess you could say. Now I get forced half smiles or straight up side-eyeing when she's doing funny business.

3. Mira didn't know what ice cream was. 
It was her birthday yesterday. I kept telling her "you get to have ice cream (frozen yogurt) tonight!" I got no response. I realized she has only had ice cream once while on vacation and has probably forgot about it. Her one memory of ice cream was revived with some Chilly Billy's frozen yogurt later that night. She mostly just cared about the pineapple chunks and marshmallow toppings.

4. I have the capacity to raise my voice at my child. 
6 months ago, even 3 months ago. I could never imagine raising my voice at Mira. Now that terrible twos are in full swing, I have done it. I always feel hella guilty afterwards. I'm trying to sort out when it's necessary to raise my voice and when it's not, like when I'm letting my patience run out.

5. I don't get sad when Mira has a birthday.
I always hear about moms getting emotional when their child turns another year older. I didn't get this when Mira turned one, nor am I feeling it right now, now that she's two. It's happy and fun to me. It went by fast, but not *too* fast. I have enjoyed the ride. I did, however, look at her today while she was sleeping in the car and shed tears. Tears of gratitude. Gratitude for how beautiful she is, how peaceful she was, how lucky I am, and how proud I am. So much love sometimes I just can't handle it.


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