Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Two Year Old

Height: Can't remember but she is in the 50th percentile
Weight: 26.5 pounds (50th percentile)
Clothes size: 2T
Diaper size: Still 4's
Teeth: All but her back 2 molars
Sleeping: Has consistently slept through the night ever since her ear tube surgery at 21 months.
Eating: Completely weaned her from nursing just a couple weeks before her second birthday. We had a good run! Now she just drinks 2% milk and water and eats regular toddler meals, and by that I mean she eats the 3 things she likes.
Bathroom: Still slowly working on getting her potty trained. She has peed on her "potty chair" here and there for at least 6 months, but it's only at random. She definitely knows when she's pooping her diaper though, she has started to tell us: "Poop!!"
Playing: She can play with literally anything and have fun. She loves to read books both by herself and by us.

She also loves to play with household items and get them by herself by taking one of her chairs and reaching for whatever she can. Right now she has been taking two candles and some shave butter from Adam's bathroom and stacking them and smelling them over and over. Kinda odd, but seems harmless as long as I'm watching.

She also likes to use her toys for all the wrong reasons. Like flipping her hungry hungry hippo game upside down and taking it apart.

Favorite foods: all kinds of fruit, pb sandwiches, yogurt, spaghetti. I so wish she liked vegetables more!!
Favorite toys: her doll, stroller, "motorcycle" (tricycle), hungry hungry hippo game, kitchen set. She plays with just about all of her toys right now.
Favorite book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (she has to take it to bed with her every single night)
Favorite movie: Big Hero 6

Went to the dentist for the first time last week. I don't think I have ever heard her cry that bad before. And she wasn't even in pain. Someone else was just trying to look at her teeth. I didn't know that was worthy of screaming bloody murder. Afterward she acted like nothing happened. She even bragged to grandma about getting her "teeth painted" with a smile on her face. Like whaaaa, who are you trying to fool?

I keep forgetting to write down all the witty/cute phrases that Mira has been saying. She truly is a little parrot. Here are a few off the top of my head.

  • "Daddy's working" - randomly, when no one even asked about him. She just likes to inform others.
  • "You're home!" - when Adam gets home
  • "I'm going to the gym" - when she's heading out the door to go somewhere. Spoiler: she's not going to the gym.
  • "That darn cat!" - this is from Big Hero 6 and I think it's her favorite part of the entire movie. 

Social: She is the friendliest girl in the world half the time, and the other half she is just sketched out by certain people and just yells "NO!" at them while throwing out the "talk to the hand" signal. It seems pretty random, so I hope people don't take offense. She loves playing with other kids her age and is also drawn to older girls who are between 5-10. It's adorable. She is often very type A personality and bossy when playing with kids. I try to intervene and tell her to basically chill out as much as I can. I'm interested to see how this is going to go as she gets older. 

Learning: She can count to 20 flawlessly. She can sing the ABC's flawlessly. She is recognizing letters. She consistently can point out L, M, N, O, W, X. All the other letters are a little more inconsistent and take some thinking. I've started teaching her 1-10 in Spanish; she speaks them very clearly. Knows all her colors (even grey and brown). Knows basic shapes including trickier ones like rectangle and heart. Okay, okay I'm done bragging!

Embarrassing moment of the week: I was going to call this lady about a house we just signed for (YAY!) and got the number set up in my phone to call. I set my phone down and Mira had come over and jumped on me. She had boogers in her nose so I tried to get them out with a kleenex and was yelling "boogie nose!" and other goofy things to get her to giggle so she'd let me do it. I kept repeating things about "boogies" really loud and in a goofy voice and then looked over at my phone, which was on speaker phone somehow, and I had apparently called the lady. The call had been in session for 33 seconds, so long enough to be listening. I grabbed the phone and said "Hello?" and she was still on. Sigh.... I wish she would've just hung up right away like a normal person. At least that didn't hurt our chances for getting the house! 


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