Monday, June 2, 2014

15 Months

Well, I took the day off today because I have had Mira's 15 month appointment booked for, I don't know, like TWO MONTHS. Because our pediatrician is hard to get into, I tend to do this. Granted, she's thee best, but kind of ridiculous I need to do this. Anyways, Adam and I both woke up to voicemails from the clinic needing to cancel our appointment and reschedule for a different day. UGHHHH. This is the second time this has happened. So I figured I could just take today as a "catch up" day for cleaning, organizing, and making some food for the week. It's always nice to have an extended weekend so I can't be too mad about the ped needing to reschedule.

S T A T S: 
Height: 30 3/4"
Weight: 22 lbs 4 oz
Head circum: 18 1/4"
She's in the 70-75 percentile for both height and weight :) Perfect in my book!
Diaper size: 3
Clothes size: 12 months, 12-18 months, and getting into 18 months
Teeth: two on the bottom are poking through and two on the top back are poking through, plus her 6 that she already had.
Favorite activities: Reading books, playing outside, running in and out of doors, climbing up and down stairs, stepping on and off of curbs, running around in the grass, playing with Adam and my wallets and taking out every single card, receipt, dollar, you name it.
Sleep: She's back to sleeping through the night (!), well some nights. She hasn't done this since she was like 4-6 months old or something like that. On weekends she has starting getting up at 8:30ish (!) It's nice she lets us sleep in, granted we let her go to bed a little later on weekends. On weekdays I'm sure she hears me get up so she is up at around 6:30ish.
Eating: Mira's a very good eater. Still nurses nights and weekends. Daycare says she's the best out of the group. Still not too fond of meat and veggies, but we've found ones that she likes so we just keep offering her those while re-introducing ones she hasn't been a fan of hoping that she will come around. Her favorites are still fruits. She also really likes green beans, yogurt, cheese, crackers, and peanut butter sandwiches. She also likes the pureed food pouches that either I make or that we buy. That's the best way we get her veggies in :)

W O R D S and P H R A S E S Mira says:
"Hi!" she's very friendly and says this to everyone and I get mama-bear-mad when people don't even give her a smile or say it back, grrr. MOST people do, though :) as well as tell us we have the cutest kid they've ever seen ;) duh, right?
"There it is"
"All done" when she's done with her meals
"Where'd __ go?" when looking for someone/something
"Woof woof" when she sees a dog, cat, bird, or any other animal
"Uh-oh" (her go-to phrase)

New things Mira has started doing:
-Giving us a hug when we ask for one
-Giving us a kiss (pressing her cheek up against ours) when we ask for one
-Dancing when we ask her to
-Pointing to her ears, belly button, and toes when we ask her to
-She runs so fast we can hardly keep up with her
-Shaking her head 'no' when she either doesn't want to do something or when we say no
Peaking under doors, usually bathroom doors, when someone is in there that she wants to play with. Eventually her little hand will make it's way under there, it's too funny! 

And for those who came for just the pictures:

Homemade magnets I made that Mira's obsessed with :)

Her first frosted cookie ever at the MOA. Let's just say she was VERY quiet for those 10 minutes while she was eating it.


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