Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mira Lately

Mira's quirks, characteristics, and just plain cuteness:

She loves to:
• Pretend she's cleaning using a rag and wiping down random surfaces
• Grab random clothes from our bedroom (clean or dirty) and bring them to the washer and put them inside
• Take my wallet out of my purse and remove all the cards and receipts, and take said cards and receipts and place them in random hiding places throughout the house.
• Take out random contents of my purse and also hide those around the house. (I still can't find the brand new bottle of eos lotion I just bought)
• Give hugs
• If Adam or I pretend to be sleeping she immediately runs up and starts hitting us on the face
Share Hand us things and then taking them back
• Wave bye and sometimes pretend that she's going with
• Go "ahhhh" while putting her hand on and off her mouth
• Play with other kids. No matter where we are, if she sees another kid she immediately goes up to them and tries to say "hi" by either getting really close to their face, taking away whatever toy or object they have, or trying to grab their face. Obviously we have to then step in to remediate this.

Mira says:
• Mama
• Dada
• Uh-oh
• Tickle tickle
• This (more like iss with the emphasis on the S)
• sometimes she'll blurt a 'hi' or mimic a word that we say, but it's not consistent and probably just random.

Mira does the sign for:
• More (but we've basically figured out that she does it meaning more of a basic "want" than more.) She runs up to Adam or I while we're eating a doughnut, poptart, or anything else that she can't have signing "more" and saying some kind of undifferentiated word. Sorry sweetie, no "more" or any at all for you.
• Milk - she usually just comes up to me and tugs at my shirt since that's probably easier.


Mira loves:
fruit, fruit, fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pears, apples, peaches)
avocado (still unsure whether this is a fruit or veg so)
peanut butter sandwiches
green beans (after several attempts of giving her frozen organic beans that I've steamed, we finally gave her the canned kind that are a pathetic pale green and she loves those. Sigh....)
turkey sandwiches
hot dogs
string cheese
any snack, really
nursing (currently down to evenings/nights and weekends) otherwise she has whole milk at daycare

Mira does not like:
any type of fresh or frozen vegetable (peas, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) so I have to sneak veggies in smoothies or in ravioli - common ones are spinach ravioli, banana sweet potato smoothies, and strawberry kale smoothies (thankful for the reusable food pouches)
tator tots
banana chunks (she only likes the flavor, like when it's in a smoothie)
did I mention she hates kale?


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