Monday, March 10, 2014


Mira's one year :) 
Mira's favorite things are books, the "itsy bitsy spider" song, and playing chase
I love peeking in on her playing in her bedroom, which is usually her "reading" her books, aka flipping through the pages babbling. 
One thing I love right now is 90% of her "sentences" end sounding like questions, the last "word" being high pitched. It makes sense, since a lot of what she hears from us are questions for her. "do you want some milk?" "Should we get dressed?" "are you ready to go in the carseat?" etc.
AND she's got the biggest cutest toothiest smile. I. just. love. it.

Height: 28.5 inches (25th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs. 12 oz. (32nd percentile)
Feeding: Breastfeeding has been cut down to only a few times a day, we just introduced whole milk on her birthday, and she is such a good eater with food. Her favorite foods are blueberries and avocado. She also loves strawberries, cheese, turkey sandwiches, pancakes, bread, yogurt, scrambled eggs, green beans, and soup.
Clothes size: 12 months, getting into 18 months. Still fits in some 9 months size onesies too.
Diaper size: 3
Teeth: 4
Development: As far as words go, Mira says "uh-oh", "mama", and "dada".  She is starting to play with her toys more actively; she puts things in containers, takes them out, carries them across the house,  and seems to have a "purpose" for all of it (why she needs to stuff a stuffed bunny into a cup or carry 3 pieces of tupperware all at once back and forth across the house is beyond me). But it's cuuuute.
Her response to "no": she stops what she's doing, looks at me, then slowly smiles and laughs and continues doing whatever she was doing.
She waves "bye-bye" and I think she knows the sign for milk, because she happens to do it when I nurse her, I just didn't think she remembered it because I didn't work with her doing that sign very long. But it IS similar to her wave, so maybe she likes to wave bye-bye when she nurses? Lol.
She can drink from a cup with some assistance, she pretends to talk on cellphones by putting them up to her ear and babbling, she loves to be chased, she loves hide and seek or peekaboo, and she's very loud.

We just had her birthday party here on Saturday and it was a success! She did get a little whiny at times because she was likely tired and overstimulated, but with snacks and other distractions she was fine. 


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